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What’s Practice WCS

Practice WCS is a site designed to collect drills, practice strategies, and learning tips for west coast swing dancers. Helping dancers practice more effectively improves the west coast dance community for everyone!

My name is Colin, and I’m a west coast dancer from Wisconsin. I fell in love with WCS because it continually challenges me to become a better dancer, and I hope this site can help give back to the community for the amazing experiences I’ve had with this dance. For individual dancers, this site aims to be a comprehensive collection of practice techniques for you to use. For instructors, I hope that the site helps you generate ideas for drills to give to your own students. Finally, I hope to learn from readers through your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Readers are encouraged to submit practice techniques from pro workshops, private lessons, or their own experiences. You can reach us at WestCoastSwingOnline@gmail.com. If you are a professional WCS instructor and would like to be a guest contributor to the site, please contact me!

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the tremendous support I have received throughout my journey learning this dance. While many of the posts on this site will represent my best efforts to synthesize the ideas I have learned from multiple instructors, there are some giants whose approach to the dance has transformed my understanding, and I want to credit them for their influence on this site. It would be impossible to list all of the instructors I have grown from in classes, workshops, and privates, but I should pay homage to a couple of figures in particular: Mario Robau, Jr. and Jordan and Tatiana. Perhaps the best acknowledgment I can give to them is that their understanding of the dance has so transformed my own thinking that I often find it hard to distinguish what I believe about west coast from what I have learned from them. Last but certainly not least, my dancing has been guided from the very first triple by Sheli Schroeder. Anything that I do right on the dance floor is in no small measure a product of her coaching and dedication. (And trust me—everything I do wrong, she’s yelled at me for. It’s not her fault, I promise.)

Thank you for your support, and keep becoming awesome!


UPDATE: In April of 2016 Practice-WCS.com was incorporated into WestCoastSwingOnline.com. Colin was done with his blogging and having followed his blog for several years we at WCSOL wanted to keep Colin’s great writing alive and well for the West Coast Swing community!

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