Balance in the Kitchen

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The better your balance, the easier dancing becomes. Spinning, styling, and even footwork become easier when you are in control of where your weight is—and you have the muscle control to keep it there.

The basic drill to improve your balance is simple: stand on one foot. When you can stand on one foot easily for 30 seconds, increase the difficulty level by standing on a non-level surface, closing your eyes, or both.

This drill is so straightforward that the hardest part is simply remembering to find time to do it, and doing it consistently so that your proprioception continues to improve. That’s where today’s drill comes in.

The Drill: When you are standing around in the kitchen, take advantage of the time to practice standing on one foot. If you need to increase the difficulty, just grab an extra towel, roll it up, and stand on it.

Stretch yourself to balance more frequently. If you’re waiting for the microwave—get on one foot. When you are washing the dishes: one foot. Drinking a glass of water? One foot. Brewing coffee? You guessed it.

Balance work really is simple. It’s just a matter of putting in the time.

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