The Complete BEGINNERS Guide to WCS

A step by step guide to improving your West Coast Swing learning and improving your wcs!

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What is the ‘Beginners Guide to West Coast Swing’?

A Step by Step, 27 Video Series to becoming a good WCS dancer

Not only will we teach you the 15 easy patterns you must know…You will learn connection, musicality, footwork, styling, wcs etiquette, songs to practice to and more… Everything you need to become a WCS great dancer!

Being a beginner can be confusing – We make it easy!

We will give you the right amount of info to make sure you are improving at every aspect of your WCS.

Save yourself time and money — Get comfortable fast!

You will learn how to get the most out of Group classes, Private lessons and Social dancing. Learn the best ways to ask someone to dance or even how to turn down a dance. You will get comfortable with WCS quickly!

Its like having your own personal coach!

If you have any questions we are just and email away. You will not be left alone to learn… we will be with you for the journey!

This is a proven plan to help you quickly improve your west coast swing to become a great WCS leader or follower!

What’s Inside ‘The Beginners Guide to West Coast Swing’?

27 easy to follow videos

Technique tips just for Beginners

BONUS: 10 great practice songs

Everything you need to learn WCS!

  • 8 Basic Patterns (of course)
  • The 7 patterns you need next!
  • 10 Practice song suggestions
  • 3 Tips to improve your spins
  • 2 Easy things to improve your styling
  • 3 Keys to better timing, so you can stay on beat!
  • 4 Hand holds you need to know
  • 5 Tips to help you remember patterns
  • Group Class, Private Lesson & Social Dance advice and more…
Add to Cart – Just $69!

This stuff just works… see what other wcs dancers have to say!

Beate Deike
David Peterson

Exactly How To Improve your West Coast Swing as a BEGINNER!

  • Learn 15 easy patterns you must know to be a good WCS dancer.
  • The perfect drills and exercises to improve your balance and prevent dizzinenss.
  • How to prevent “The Most Common MISTAKES” before they become habits. (we have a video dedicated to just this subject)
Add to Cart – Just $69!

QUESTION: What is this Ultimate Guide?

I’ve been teaching spins since 1999. In my 36,000 hours on the dance floor I’ve learned a thing or two about teaching BEGINNERS!

I wanted to create a living breathing resource to help YOU improve your WCS faster than ever possible.

This course not only has everything you need to turn yourself into a great WCS dancer.

The videos are short and easy to follow. You are going to get RESULTS fast.

We left no stone unturned. All of the questions you are likely to have about WCS will be answered in the course. We did the work for you.

QUESTION: Is there a guarantee?

Yep…. all or our courses come with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Look we are really trying to bring value to the WCS community. If for some reason you feel the course does not suite you…. no worries. Just shoot us an email and we will be happy to refund your money.

QUESTION: Why $69?

We really wanted to create the ULTIMATE GUIDE!

  • The course has 27 videos.
  • 15 patterns to learn
  • 7 technique videos
  • 10 practice song suggestions
  • 5 tips to remember your patterns
  • Info on WCS etiquette
  • And much, much more…

Its literally everything you need as a beginner to become a good WCS dancer.

The regular price was going to be  $149, but we really wanted to make it affordable.

At less than the price of a single private lesson we thing we have!

QUESTION: How long till I get access?

ANSWER: Immediate!

Your login info will be sent to the email address you provide. All of your course info will be available on under ‘My Library’ in your account dashboard.

PS the courses are downloadable too.

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