Body Rolls and Connection

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In a previous post, we practiced the movements for a full body roll. To do a body roll in the dance, we need to add the connection to those movements.

The Drill: Stand about arms length from a wall and put your hands against the wall. Practice moving your body in a roll while keeping the pressure of your hands against the wall exactly the same. Focus on using your whole arm, from the shoulder all the way to the wrist, as a shock absorber to keep the pressure constant.

As you become more comfortable, you can try connecting to the wall with just one hand and adding in body shaping or rotation. Become aware of how far you can move your body before you can no longer compensate to keep the connection steady.

Bonus Variations: You can also practice hooking your hand on a surface (like the edge of the sink or the handle on the fridge door) in order to have an away connection. Again, explore your body rolls and other movements with the goal of keeping the connection constant.

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