Coloring the Dance: Introduction

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West coast swing gives dancers more liberty to change the look of the dance basics than most other forms of social dancing. Being able to modify the look of the dance within the basics is an important skill for both competitive and social dancers.

For competitive dancers, even at the champion level, at least half of the dance’s patterns are simple side passes, push breaks, and whips. The ability to color the dance makes it possible to match the music within these basic patterns and gives both partners the ability to get on the same page while setting up the money moves for that dance.

Social dancers also benefit from coloring the dance. With the ability to change the look and feel of patterns, a leader can keep the dance interesting without needing a million patterns. A follower who can color the dance can interpret the music no matter what the leader is leading, or even if the leader is not setting up the follower for any key moments. On either side of the slot, coloring the patterns results in a more dynamic, engaging, and musical dance.

This series will walk through a number of ways to transform your gray basics into vibrant colors. Whether the song calls for a calm and laid back blue or a high-energy yellow, you will make the dance come alive for yourself and your partner.

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