Correcting Imbalances

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As a general rule: anything that you can do in one direction, you should be able to do in the other direction. However, each of us will have a natural side for most skills that is more comfortable. Whether it is spinning, footwork syncopations, or arm movements, it is important to develop fluency on your non-natural side. The idea that you should practice in order to correct side imbalances is a meta-practice strategy rather than a specific drill, because the concept can be applied to many different drills.

The Meta-Drill: When you are working on any skill that feels more natural on one side/direction, divide your practice into your strong side and your weak side. For every two times that you practice doing something on your strong side, practice five times on your weak side. This 2/5 split will help correct the imbalance on your weak side while still honing your skills on your strong side.

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