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Cross-and-Third Anchors

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The next anchor variation is the cross-and-third anchor. This variation is tricky because the feet come towards your partner on the first beat of the anchor, but you still need to keep your body back. This drill will work on maintaining the proper anchor connection during this variation.

The Drill: Leaders, put your weight on your left foot; followers, your right. This is count 4 of a 6-count pattern, and you are about to start your anchor.

With your free foot, cross in front of your standing leg. As you cross in front, make sure that your weight stays behind the ball of the foot in order to maintain the away connection of the anchor. Also check that your feet are turned out—your right toes should still point slightly to the right and your left toes slightly to the left so that your knees don’t buckle in.

On the & count, recover onto your supporting leg and bring the free foot into third to finish the anchor.

Again, use a kitchen sink, fridge handle, or door knob as your connection point to make sure that you are staying away throughout the entire anchor.

Partner Note: When you dance this variation with a partner, you may want to take your 4 step slightly further away from your partner than normal in order to create space for the cross in front. As long as you maintain your post and don’t give up the shoulder or overextend your arm in order to create that distance, that’s ok. Experiment with your placement of your 4 in order to find what makes this variation comfortable for you.

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