Dancing Smooth as Water

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Good WCS dancing doesn’t just look smooth; it also feels smooth. Whenever you are learning a new element of the dance—whether it is your basic footwork or a brand new styling option—the learning isn’t finished until you can execute the move as smooth as water.

In today’s drill, we’re going to take that metaphor literally and practice smoothing out our dancing using a glass of water as our training tool.

The Drill: Find a spot with a smooth floor that you can afford to get wet. Linoleum or tile is great; wood is okay if you have a towel handy, but don’t use a nice dance floor if you can help it.

As a precaution, grab a hand towel or dish rag. You may also want to practice in socks rather than dance shoes.

Fill up a glass of water. While holding the glass, start dancing without a partner. Your goal is to dance the movement you are practicing without spilling any water.

Begin by practicing the movement very slowly and deliberately. As you gain fluency, you can speed up the movement. Note that this drill doesn’t work well for movements that have intentional rapid changes of direction.

If you struggle to keep the water in the glass calm, go back to your movement fundamentals: rolling through the feet, using the sending foot, and engaging your core. You may need to revisit those skills in order to keep improving, and that’s okay!

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