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Fix Your Posture

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Unless you are extremely lucky, you probably have some degree of forward head posture. As we get older, our head tips further forward until it looks like we are rubbernecking. Not only is forward head posture unattractive, but it also messes up your balance and hurts your spine.

As dancers, we want to eliminate forward head posture and have our heads sit squarely above our spine. Having good head posture projects confidence, elegance, and youth. This drill is designed to push your head back onto your spine instead of being pitched forward.

The Drill: Stand with your back to a wall. Put your heels against the wall and relax your shoulders so that your entire shoulder blade is flat against the wall.

When you are standing in this position, look straight ahead. Move your head straight backwards until the back of your head presses against the wall, and hold that position for at least one minute.

While you are holding that position, think of lifting your head by the crown while your shoulders relax to the ground. Your goal is to lengthen your neck, but don’t let your shoulder blades or head leave the wall!

Keep doing this drill as frequently as you can—several times a day is not too much! You are trying to retrain your neck muscles and (likely) reshaping your cervical spine to correct your forward head posture, so be patient. Doing this drill regularly will make a big difference in the look of your dancing, and will also improve your posture and appearance off the dance floor.

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