Forward Pivot Turns

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The previous articles in this series have covered the basics of turn technique. Now it’s time to apply those techniques to the most basic turn: the pivot turn.

The Drill: Start with your feet in an open third foot position with your left foot forward; your heel of the left foot is still in line with the instep of the right foot, but now there the feet are about hip width apart.

Open Third Foot Position

Put your weight on the three toe base of the left foot, and rotate your right shoulder back to match the angle of your hips and feet. This rotation is the source of the energy for your pivot.

Keeping your legs together—think about squeezing your upper thighs to each other—let your shoulders and core unwind, and use that energy to pivot on your left toe base ¼ turn. At the end of the pivot, pause with your weight on your left toe base, then let your right foot make contact with the floor.

Repeat quarter turns until you are comfortable with quarter turns. Then, work on half turns. Be sure to practice both with left foot in front (turning to your left) and with the right foot in front (turning to your right).

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