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Hook-and-Third Anchors

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In the cross-and-third anchor, you learned to move the start of the anchor towards your partner without changing the connection. The hook-and-third anchor does the opposite: you start by hooking your anchor foot behind your supporting leg, and the key is to keep your weight back even as you recover from the hook.

The Drill: Place your weight on the leader’s left/follower’s right: this is your count 4 of a six-count pattern. Start the anchor by hooking your free foot behind the supporting foot. Concentrate on rolling your weight from the ball to the heel of the leader’s right/follower’s left; you don’t want to simply remain on your toe base for this step.

Now, recover to the leader’s left/follower’s right while keeping your weight back. As you move through that foot, place your anchor foot into your standard third foot position and complete your settling action. Just like the & of a normal anchor, your center cannot get over the ball of your foot on the & count of this variation.

Once you have the footwork mechanics, practice doing this variation while maintaining your away connection by performing the variation while holding onto a sink, door frame, or fridge door handle.

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