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How to Find WCS Music

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Struggling to find good west coast swing music? One of the great things about west coast swing is the sheer breadth of music available. But how do you discover great new music for dancing WCS?

If you’re looking for new songs, the first place to check is what is actually being played by WCS DJs.

Check out the following sites, which are updated regularly:

There are also lots of Facebook groups for WCS music. As of when this article was written, many of these groups have intermittent traffic, so I would suggest searching Facebook to see what groups are currently active.

Finally, once you are familiar with what good WCS music sounds like, you can use music discovery services like Pandora to see what other people are listening to. The stations will usually include a couple of songs that aren’t good WCS songs, but you will also hear some music that you wouldn’t have found in other ways.

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