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February 14th 2005. Do you know why that was a significant date? No it has nothing to do with valentines day. It was the day that YouTube was launched. Little did we know how the availability of online video would impact our lives. Now as I write this post we have had Youtube for a full 10 years. It has helped push West Coast Swing in front of more people and helped bring inspiration to us all.

Here are a couple of ways to improve your dancing with technology!


First of all use it for inspiration! There are amazing routines and social dances that are literally uploaded each week. Make Youtube channel and keep a list of your favorite dance routines of all time That way you will have your favorite routines there anytime you want to keep you motivated.

Another neat thing to do is to make a list of moves you want to learn. I like to keep a list of moves that I like and when I have time or need some new material I can go to my list and get some fresh ideas.

Search for actual teaching videos. There are some great teachers online that are sharing their info on youtube. Perform search for WCS tips and the like and see what you come up with! I was actually inspired to start this site after getting such good response from the videos I was posting on youtube.

Learn how to make a playlist in youtube here!

Invest in a iPad

Seriously how many times have you tried to learn a move or watch your self dance on your iPhone. The screen is too darn small for serious learning. Invest in an iPad or iPad mini and keep it dedicated to your dancing. Buy one with enough memory so that you have enough space when you need to video something important. Periodically clean out the videos that you are not using. Do you really need every workshop you’ve ever taken. Probably not. Take some time to download that stuff onto your computer so you have space for what you need!

Get a tripod

If you are like me and you are practicing you might want to video yourself. If there is no one around you might find yourself propping up your phone or iPad trying to point it in the right shot. Invest in a simple tripod for your phone or iPad. It will dramatically increase the quality of your video angle. A quick search on amazon will pull up a number of good choices.

Get the Coaches Eye App

This one is pretty slick. Coaches eye app is an inexpensive app $4.99, that allows you to do a lot of cool things to your practice video. You can watch in slow motion, draw lines and circles on your video and best of all compare 2 videos side by side. As a teacher I use it to show students clear before and after videos of themselves. It has proven to be an invaluable tool. I have found that actually being able to see the video was more useful that trying to explain the changes. A picture they say is worth 1000 words.

Pro Tip: Use the ‘compare’ feature in the app to watch a side by side comparison of yourself. You will be able to see the before and after of you dancing.

Coaches eye

I hope you guys give this little formula a try. Youtube is a great resource but being able to watch your self is also very important. The coaches eye app will really allow you too look carefully at your dancing in a way that regular video does not allow. I use it every day in my studio!

All the best,

Brian B

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