Musicality Introduction

West Coast Swing Online Beginners

West coast swing has a reputation for being an incredibly musical dance. While other dances are danced to music, WCS provides the opportunity for both partners to interpret the music to a far greater degree than other dance styles.

This series will introduce you to the fundamentals of musicality. If you don’t have a background in music, this is a great place to start learning about musical phrasing, chords, and the other elements that allow dancers to find their way around a piece of music. If you already know music theory, this series will help you work that knowledge into your dancing.

Like all skills, actively listening to music and musical interpretation require practice. If you don’t already, start listening to music on a regular basis. Whether you listen while driving, exercising, doing the dishes, or working, make music a constant part of your life. For now, feel free to listen to anything. We’ll identify specific elements of WCS music in future posts, but for now the key is to get a lot of music running through your head.

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