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Practicing Without a Partner

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The open secret of partner dances like WCS is that you don’t actually need a partner to practice. Ask any pro, and they’ll tell you that they spend lots of time working on their dancing alone because that’s what they need to get better.

For whatever reason, many of us think that advice isn’t important at our level. In reality, solo practice is even more valuable to newer dancers because they aren’t executing moves that require the partner to power through or stabilize.

What can you practice on your own?


No one else can help you move your feet. When you’re on your own, you have the ability to repeat a movement as much as you need, at whatever tempo you want.TAKE ACTION>> Watch our Rolling through your feet video


Your body alignment is great material for solo practice. Whether you are working on un-rounding your shoulders, tucking your pelvis under, or just lengthening your spine, you can concentrate on that element without being distracted by what a partner wants to do. TAKE ACTION>> Watch our Balance & Posture Video

Weight transfer:

Rolling through the feet, delaying your body flight, and using your sending foot are all great skills to practice solo. TAKE ACTION>> Download our #1 Footwork Drill Video

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Stand on one leg for 30 seconds. When that’s easy, stand on something unstable (like a pillow), close your eyes, or move your body around while you are balancing. Working on your balance solo is a two-for-one, because the better your balance is on your own, the less you will need a partner to make it through moves. TAKE ACTION>> Watch our Balance & Posture Video


Learning how your body can move is a lot easier on your own. Yes, you will eventually want to put this into a dance with a partner, but building your own repertoire of movements before trying to partner dance will help tremendously. TAKE ACTION>> Read our Styling Checklist Blog Post


Hearing sets of eights, phrase changes, and accents is something that your partner can’t help you with.  Learning how to count music (not just patterns) is what we call counting straight 8’s. It’s the biggest key to musicality! Just throw on some music and start counting 8s all by yourself. Learn how in this video>> Counting Straight 8’s

There’s no shortage of material to practice on your own. So don’t let the excuse that “I don’t have a practice partner” stop you from getting better. You can work on your dancing by yourself and become the person that everyone else wants to practice with!

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