Prepping Continuous Chaines Turns

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All spins require a prep, in which the rotating side is held back in order to create the torque for the spin. This is easy to do for single turns, but when doing a continuous series of turns it becomes more difficult. This drill will extend the chaines turns exercise to focus on the prep.

The Drill: The prep for the chaines turn occurs by keeping the rotating side of the body behind when exiting the chaines turn. If you are turning left, your right side is prepped back. If you are turning right, your left side is prepped back.

Let’s start by turning right. Step forward on your right foot with your left side prepped back. Close the left foot to the right as you rotate right, and transfer weight somewhere between 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

For this drill, focus on what happens after your close the feet for the spin. As you finish rotating back to noon, your left side should remain behind in the prepped position. If you square off your shoulders to your line of travel, you have eliminated your prep for the next turn. Step forward on your right and compare your position now to when you stepped forward for your first turn—it should be the same.

Continue turning down line, checking your body position after each closing of the feet/rotation cycle. As you become comfortable with stopping your body rotation before your shoulders square up, gradually increase the speed of the spins.

Be sure to practice in both directions! When turning to your left, your right foot will close to your leading, left foot. Your right side should remain back when you come out of the rotation, which allows your forward step on the left to put you into a prepped position.

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