The Ultimate Guide to Musicality for WCS

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Want to improve your Musicality? – This video course will unlock all of the keys musicality! Learn to hear musical accents, predict music and dance to the music you hear! What does the course include? 14 Videos and 6 PDF downloads and a FREE BOUNS: A one hour live recording of a musically workshop! LEARN MORE>



Downloadable Video Series – The ultimate guide to musicality for West Coast Swing dancers!

Learn to stay on time, predict accents in songs and dance more musically with these 14 videos plus 2 bonuses for FREE. Check out what’s included:

  • Counting the music
  • Counting music – wMusic Demo & Drill
  • Critical Timing
  • 4 keys to better timing
  • Critical Accents
  • Counting Straight 8’s
  • Mapping the music
  • Contemporary & Blues music phrasing
  • Understanding the build in the music
  • 4 Ways to accent the music
  • Extending patterns to hit accents
  • Rolling count
  • What makes music swing – Shuffle Rhythm
  • Q & A section on new music
  • BONUS #1: 6 PDF downloads on the keys of musicality
  • BONUS #2: 1 hour live Musicality workshop video

If you ever wanted to learn more about musicality in West Coast Swing then you need this course! ORDER NOW!