The Ultimate Guide to Spins & Turns for WCS

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The #1 rated Spins & Turns course  – Everything you need to know to improve your spins and turns for West Coast Swing! 8 videos, 5 pdf downloads plus a bonus video or our live spins class for FREE! LEARN MORE>



Streaming Video or DVD –  Everything you need to know to improve your spins and turns for West Coast Swing including the popular one foot spins!

  • Learn perfect posture
  • Improve balance
  • Pivot turns
  • Chaine turns
  • Arm positions in turns
  • Fix common problems
  • Learn to apply what you know
  • BONUS #1: Guide to one foot spins!
  • BONUS #2: 5 PDF downloads with your keys to spinning
  • BOUNS #3: 1 hour live spins & turns workshop video

If you are looking to improve your spins and turns… Look no further. This video series has everything you need to spin like a top! Order NOW!