The Ultimate Guide to Ladies Styling

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The #1 rated Ladies Styling COURSE online  – A step by step, 18 videos series, to improve your styling for West Coast Swing and make you look great on the dance floor!



Improve your styling for WCS!

A STEP BY STEP, 18- VIDEO SERIES — Literally everything you need to know about ladies styling as it relates to your west coast swing!

  • Learn to be smooth and funky with your footwork
  • Learn how to use your shoulders and hips to look like a pro
  • 6 ways to style every basic pattern
  • Prevent the common mistakes that make your dancing look bland
  • The #1 trend in WCS styling today!
  • Learn ‘when’ you should add your styling to fit the music
  • 3 BONUS PDF downloads (Arm Styling, Styling Checklist & Pro Styling)