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Relaxing During the Anchor

West Coast Swing Online Anchor Step

For new dancers, one of the key moments in learning WCS is when they are able to relax during the anchor instead of racing through it. Relaxing seems odd during the anchor—after all, you are doing a triple step and you need to have a very specific foot and body position. But, advanced dancers realize that the anchor is actually a calming moment in the dance. Both partners have made it through the move, and this is their chance to reconnect, check in, and prepare for the next pattern. Dancers who see the anchor as an island of calm and predictability in the ocean of the dance enjoy the dance much more and are able to focus on the trickier elements of the dance more effectively.

We have a great FREE VIDEO on this in the ‘free membership’ section of our video page.

The Drill: There’s no magic bullet for learning to relax during the anchor. It’s all about repetition. Just like first graders have to think a lot about how to form their letters, new dancers have to think about the elements of the anchor. The more each does it, the more effortless the process becomes.

So, start practicing your anchors everywhere. Standing in line at the grocery store? Anchor to that elevator muzzak playing in the background. Riding an elevator at work? Sneak in an anchor. Washing dishes? Anchor. You already have the essential technique for anchors in the other parts of this series, so now you just need to do it a lot. When you can anchor during a phone call effortlessly, you will know that your anchor is muscle memory, and you’ll be able to relax during the dance.

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