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The beauty of practice is that it doesn’t have to be a perfect replica of the real performance conditions. In fact, you can make specific skills harder in practice so that they are much easier when you are actually performing.

This method of deliberating making the practice session more challenging than the real situation is common to many exceptional performers. Baseball players regularly take practice swings with weighted bats so that their bat speed in game conditions is faster. Golfers will practice getting out of sand traps by pushing the ball into the sand. Football players will practice sprinting while pulling a weighted sled to demand more out of their leg muscles.

This principle can be applied in a lot of ways to west coast swing dancing. If you want to get better at dancing in closed position, force yourself to do a dance in which you never leave closed position. If you want to improve your arm styling, try a dance in which your arm can never drop below your waist. To work on your footwork, ban yourself from your favorite anchor variation for a song.

By limiting yourself on the practice floor, you’ll open up new possibilities when you’re performing.

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