Single Tracking after Footwork

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In WCS, it is common for footwork to go off of the track. In order to make that footwork look good, it is important to single track when coming back into the slot. The general principle from any open foot position—second, fourth, or open third—is to gather back to center before moving for the next step.

The Drill: Without a partner, stand in second position with your feet shoulder width apart and your weight over your anchor foot (leader’s right, follower’s left). This position simulates where you would be if you did a together-and-side anchor variation.

You are about to take the first step of a new pattern: forward on your right for followers, back on your left for leaders. Before taking that step, drag the free foot to bring it underneath yourself, then take your step. By collecting your feet, you create a clean line for your next movement.

Leaders: Again, the rules are a bit looser for you than for the followers. Followers should bring their feet together so they brush past each other; leaders can get away with having the feet underneath the hips but not brushing.

Bonus Variations: Once this motion is comfortable, practice applying it to any movement that comes from an open position. Common examples include point-step or point-ball change footwork syncopations, as well as anchor variations like a cross-and-side or side-hold.

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