Slow Down Your Isolations

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You’ve been practicing your body isolations, but it’s not quite as fluid as you want yet. How do you develop smoothness through your movement?

The key to smoothness is control, and control of your movement comes from moving slowly. When you move quickly, you can get away with having uncontrolled moments in your movement. Forcing yourself to go slowly demands that you develop the muscle control in order to keep the movement fluid through the entire process. As you practice, you’ll discover

The Drill: Pick one of your body isolations. Do that isolation while slowly counting to 4, and force yourself to keep moving through the entire count. You’ll find moments when your body seems to jump from one position to another. That’s okay: those are the sections you need to make fluid, so try again and really focus on keeping the movement continuous through those sections.

Once you are comfortable with a four count, try extending the isolation to fill a full eight counts. For larger movements (such as a hip circle or a body roll), try extending the count even further. If you can take sixteen slow beats to complete a body roll, that’s great control!

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