Spotting in Chaines Turns

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Spotting is useful in all turns, and chaines are no exception. This drill is designed to integrate spotting into the timing of your chaines turns.

The Drill: Prep for your chaines turn by stepping forward onto the supporting leg. Begin the rotation by gathering the free foot and unwinding from your core, but keep your eyes focused on the wall straight ahead. Around the 8 o’clock mark (when spinning left) or 4 o’clock mark (when spinning right), quickly flip your head around and take your eyes back to the forward wall.

You will notice that flipping your head creates a burst of power for the second half of the turn. If you try to flip your head too fast, you will be unable to control the back half of the turn. Flip the head in a relaxed manner instead of forcing the rotation to happen instantly.

As you rotate the head, make sure that you maintain a solid, upright posture. The human head makes up a substantial portion of the human body weight (generally 5-10%), so even a slight tilt to the head can quickly pull you off balance.

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