Take Away Your Lucky Move

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As dancers develop their skills, they naturally gravitate towards their strengths. This tendency is natural, but it also can limit your growth. In today’s exercise, you’re going to deliberately counteract this tendency.

The Drill: Before you begin your practice dance, decide what your “lucky move” is: what is the movement that is your default when you need a way to fill space? For leaders, it could be a pattern. For followers, it could be a play sequence. Either role could choose a styling variation, a non-basic anchor, or a syncopation.

Then, dance a practice dance. During that dance, you are not allowed to use your lucky move. The goal of this restriction is to force you to find other options so you don’t rely on a single move too much.

You will likely feel awkward during this dance (or even freeze as you try to find options). Keep practicing until you discover alternatives to your lucky move.

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