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Q & A – Connecting with partners who have poor connection?

Q&A How do I deal with partners who have poor connection? Either too heavy or too light?

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    LS-18 Triples, Sweeps & Flicks


    LS-17 Whip & Walk


    LS-16 Styled Sugar Tuck


    LS-15 Ronde to Pressline


    LS-14 Hitches & Taps


    LS-13 Styled Inside Turn


    LS-12 Musicality


    LS-11 Style Your Anchor Step


    LS-10 Hip & Shoulder Rotation Drills


    LS-09 Rolls, Ripples & Rotations -Whip


    LS-08 Rolls, Ripples & Rotations -Sugar Push


    LS-07 Rolls, Ripples & Rotations -Side Pass


    LS-06 Rolls, Ripples & Rotations Drill


    LS-05 Footwork – Whip


    LS-04 Footwork – Side Pass


    LS-03 Footwork – Sugar Push


    LS -02 Footwork Drills


    LS -01 Intro


    Tuck Advanced Timing


    Reverse Whip Variation


    Pull through Whip


    Proper connection of hands for turns


    Overcoming Frustration


    Inside Turn Variation


    How to prep an inside turn


    How to find the end of the slot


    Easy intermediate Pattern Series


    Deliberate practice


    Awesome reverse whip


    10 counts of awesome


    3 ways to do a sugar push


    3 ducks for basic patterns


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    course-lesson 60544


    course-lesson 58475


    course-lesson 58470


    course-lesson 58465


    course-lesson 57731


    8: Alternate Right Side Pass


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    course-lesson 45628


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    3 Easier Keys to Better WCS


    5 Ways to Style Your Anchor Step


    Advanced Pattern to Show the Follower Off


    Be Groovy With Your WCS


    Champion Breakdown: Mario Robau Pattern


    Don’t Be A Pattern Junkie


    Group Class Etiquette


    Easy Sugar Tuck Variation


    Easy To Lead 8 Count Pattern


    How To Change The Slot


    Moving Beyond 6 Count Patterns


    My Favorite Anchor Step Drill


    My Favorite Pattern of 2017


    Rotating Starter Step


    Sugar Push Styling Option for Leaders


    Tricky Advanced Pattern


    WCS Musicality for Salsa Dancers


    Sugar Push Styling for Leaders & Followers


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    B-20: Improve Your Connection


    B-26: Add Some Style


    B-24: Understanding Closed Position


    B-22 – Improve Your Spins


    B-23: Smooth Your Footwork


    B-25: Style Your Anchors


    B-21: 4 Hand Holds You Need To Know


    B-27: 3 Ways To Style (bonus)


    B-19: How to Take a Private Lesson


    B-18: Don’t Get Hurt Social Dancing


    B-17: Turning Down A Social Dance


    B-16: WCS Social Dance Etiquette


    B-15: Asking Someone to Dance


    B-14: Getting The Most From Group Classes


    B-13: Counting Music Demo


    B-11: Finding The Beat


    B-12: Counting The Music (drill w/ music)


    10. Seven Whip with Rock N Go


    B-10: Whip with Rock N Go


    9. Seven Whip With Outside Turn


    B-09: Whip With Outside Turn


    B-08: Alternate Right Side Pass


    7. Seven Whip With Inside Turn


    B-07: Whip With Inside Turn


    6. Seven Outside Roll


    B-06: Outside Roll


    4. Seven Free Spin4. Seven Free Spin


    B-04: The Free Spin


    5. Seven Reverse Whip


    B-05: Reverse Whip


    3. Seven Patterns Intro


    B-03: Intermediate Patterns (Intro)


    2. All Beginner Patterns


    B-02: 7 Basic WCS Patterns


    1. Course Intro


    B-01: Course Intro


    M-14: Shuffle Rhythm – What Makes Music “Swing”


    M-09: Drilling Basic Timing


    Footwork & Styling | WCS Intensive Part 4


    outside roll turn


    BONUS Ladies Dip


    Reverse Whip Variations


    Reverse Whip


    Whip with inside turn


    Whip with outside turn


    Sugar tuck with two hands


    Followers fold


    Modern inside roll variations


    Roll in/Roll out


    Free Spin


    Beginner West Coast Swing Video


    S-02: 3 toe base for balance in spins


    BONUS | Spins & Turns Intensive


    BONUS | Musicality Intensive


    m-12: Extend a pattern to hit an accent


    M-13: Rolling Count


    M-11: 4 Ways to accent the music


    M-07: Understanding the build in the music


    M-06: Understanding Phrasing (blues music)


    M-05: Understanding Phrasing (contemporary music)


    M-04: Mapping the music


    M-08: Counting Straight 8’s


    M-03: Critical Accents


    M-10: 4 keys to better timing


    M-02: Critical Timing


    M-01: Counting the music


    Cool Tip the Pros Never Tell You


    Push Break


    Sugar Tuck Dual Rondes


    Cool Ladies Outside Roll


    A System to Remember Your Patterns


    Styling tip – Moving Freely Through Your Body


    Carwash Whip with Salsa On Top


    Lady’s Anchor Step Variation


    Around the World


    West Coast Swing Connection Technique


    Overcoming Frustration


    Biggest Tip to Improving your Timing


    Fun Advanced Reverse Whip Series


    Adding Ladies’ Styling to Your Anchor Steps


    4 Keys to Better Timing


    S-09: Guide to One Foot Spins


    S-07: Applying what you know


    S-08: Fixing common problems


    S-06: Arm Positions


    S-05: Chaine Turns


    S-04: Pivot Turns


    S-03: Practicing Balance


    S-01: Course Intro & Posture Basics


    Reverse whip Variations


    Reverse Whip


    Whip w/Inside Turn


    Whip w/Outside Turn


    Outside Turn


    Two Hand Tuck




    Modern Inside Turn


    Roll In / Roll Out


    Free Spin


    Musicality & Magic | WCS Intensive Part 5

    Favorite Musicality & Magic for West Coast Swing – Live West Coast Swing Intensive Part 5 Welcome to part 5 of our live 5 part west coast swing intensive. This is a great 45min video of live teaching in a workshop environment. Looking for more great content on Musicality for WCS? Check out the Musicality section of our blog!

    Footwork & Styling | WCS Intensive Part 4

    Favorite Footwork & Styling for West Coast Swing – Live West Coast Swing Intensive Part 4 Welcome to part 4 of our live 5 part west coast swing intensive. This is a great 45min video of live teaching in a workshop environment. Looking for more great content on Footwork & Styling for WCS? Check out the Footwork & Styling sections of our ... Read More

    Spins and Turns | WCS Intensive Part 3

    Favorite Spins & Turns for West Coast Swing – Live West Coast Swing Intensive Part 3 Welcome to part 3 of our live 5 part west coast swing intensive. This is a great 45min video of live teaching in a workshop environment. Looking for more great content on Spins & Turns for WCS? Check out the Spins & Turns section of our blog!

    Movement & Connection | WCS Intensive part 2

    Favorite Movement & Connection for West Coast Swing – Live West Coast Swing Intensive Part 2 Welcome to part 2 of our live 5 part west coast swing intensive. This is a great 45min video of live teaching in a workshop environment. Looking for more great content on Connection for WCS? Check out the Connection section of our blog!

    Rhythm & Timing | WCS Intensive Part 1

    Favorite Rhythm & Timing for West Coast Swing – Live West Coast Swing Intensive Part 1 Welcome to part 1 of our live 5 part west coast swing intensive. This is a great 45min video of live teaching in a workshop environment. Looking for more great content on Rhythm & Timing for WCS? Check out the Musicality section of our blog!

    Spins and Turns for West Coast Swing


    Beginner West Coast Swing

    Favorite Welcome to Beginner West Coast Swing! You can jump right to the pattern you are looking for by using the time signatures below. SUGAR PUSH 0:53 LEFT SIDE PASS 2:53 RIGHT SIDE PASS/UNDER ARM TURN 5:13 SUGAR TUCK 8:16 TRAVELING TUCK 10:52 INSIDE ROLL 12:12 WHIP 15:54 I’m sure you are excited about learning more about the basics of ... Read More

    Styling – Ronde’s and leg sweeps


    Styling – Explore your basics drill

    Create a drill like this to explore your options stylistically.

    Turns – Pivot turns for balance


    Q & A – How do I remember my footwork?

    Here are some great tips to help you remember your footwork as patterns get harder.

    Whip with Inside Turn

    This is an easy variation of your basic whip!

    Connection – Connection in a Whip

    We go in detail about your connection in a whip!

    Passing Tuck Over Rotated


    Sugar Push Syncopation


    Q&A – How do I deal with different connections?


    Roll in, pop out, waist catch and dip



    Windmills: Learn tandem windmills in this advanced pattern. We breakdown the windmills in detail!

    Whip Pullback

    Whip Pullback: 8 count footwork. Whip timing. Pretty easy pattern to do but it looks neat!

    Contra Body Movement

    Contra Body Movement: Learn how to create stability using contra body movement.

    Understanding Contemporary Music Phrasing

    Understanding Contemporary Music Phrasing: A great breakdown my phrasing 101. This is a key step to learning musicality.

    Blues Music Phrasing

    Undersand Blues Music Phrasing: A quick breakdown of understanding the phrasing of blues music vs contemporary music.

    Understanding the Build in the Music

    Understanding the build in the music: This is a great drill to physically experience the 'build' in a phrase of music.

    Tuck from closed position

    Tuck Turn from Closed: Learn how to do a tuck turn from closed position.

    Slingshot Series

    Slingshot Series: A bunch of variations from the 'sling shot' position.

    Styling – Swing – Pulse – Groove – Flow

    4 ways to style your swing: Learn to SWING - PULSE - FLOW & GROOVE to create different styles of swing.

    Stylized Roll in Roll out with surprise ending

    Stylized Roll in Roll Out: This is only 6 counts but you'll have something to do with both hands The footwork is simple but the hand work make it much harder.

    Add style to your sugar push

    Sugar Push: Add some style to your sugar push with this quick video.

    Style your Right Side Pass and Sugar Tuck

    Add some style to your right side pass and sugar tuck

    Slingshot with tuck ending

    Slingshot with tuck ending: Learn an alternate 'tuck' ending to a sling shot pattern.


    Sling Shot: This one doe not really follow basic foot work so that make it tricky. Its a fun one that a lot of people like.

    What is Rolling Count?

    Rolling Count: Learn about the space of time between beats. Very good visual description in this video.

    Pendulum Drop

    Pendulum Drop: An advanced social or routine style trick.

    Over the shoulder inside turn

    Over the shoulder inside turn: Lead the basis inside turn, go over the top of the followers shoulder to end in closed position.

    Over the top inside turn

    Over the top inside turn: 6 count basic footwork for the girl but with a different hand change.

    Mapping the Music

    Map the skeleton of the music to uncover the patterns within a song or music in general. Great video on intermediate to advanced musicality.

    Mans Pull Through Duck

    Mans pull through duck: This 10 count pattern look really really cool. Its a bit tricky but with this breakdown you'll have it in a couple minutes!

    Styling – Minimizing your movement to show off your partner

    Minimizing your movement to maximize your partner: Learn the concept of moving less to show off your partner a bit more.

    Helicopter Inside Turn

    Helicopter Inside Turn: basic 6 count inside turn footwork for the follower but with a crazy hand movement creating a 'helicopter' type look.

    Folded Reverse Whip

    Folded Reverse Whip: 8 count reverse whip with a hand fold and single outside turn for the follower.

    Fold to a shootout

    Fold to a shootout: No not a western style shoot out. Just an accent on the 5th count of the pattern starting with a fold.

    Fastball Inside Turn

    Fastball Inside Turn: Ok I had no idea what to call this but the name fits I think. Oh and its pretty awesome! Only 6 counts and basic footwork for the follower.

    Musicality – How to extend a pattern to hit an accent

    Extend a pattern to hit an accent: This is a really good fundamental thing to understand when talking about practical musicality!

    Extended Whip

    Extended Whip: Learn how to extend a regular whip. This is a good pattern to know especially when we are trying to be musical. It will allow you to extend patterns to get to accents in the music.

    Musicality – Finding Critical Musical Accents

    Critical Musical Accents: Learn were to look for the most common accents in the music!

    Musicality – Counting the music

    Counting the music: Finding the beat in music. Its an important step

    Musicality – Critical Timing

    Critical Timing: What are the most important beats for West Coast Swing? Find out here.

    Musicality – Counting Straight Eights

    Counting Straight Eights: This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP on your path to musicality. Don't skip mastering this if you want to be a musical dancer!

    Sugar Tuck Advanced Move

    Advanced Sugar Tuck Variation: This is not basic but very cool if you take the time to learn the concept behind this move!

    Advanced Sugar Tuck with hairbrush

    Advanced Sugar Tuck with Hairbrush ending: 12 count pattern with a 'salsa' like feel. You will have fun with this one.

    Advanced Reverse Whip Combo

    Advanced Reverse Whip Combo: 14 counts

    Rolling turn (12 counts)

    12 count rolling pattern: This one just keeps going. Its pretty fun.

    Styling – 4 ways to use your arms

    4 ways to use your arms to create different moods in your dancing.

    Musicality – 4 ways to accent the music

    4 ways to accent the music: Simple movements that will help you accent the music!

    Left side release w/mans under arm turn

    Left release with mans under arm turn: 6 counts. Pretty easy but this will jazz up your left side pass

    Connection – Light connection for better responsiveness

    Lighten your connection to become more responsiveness as the follower!

    Follower Steals a Left Side Pass

    Follower steals a left side pass: Its is a fun ladies steal. There are 2 versions to keep event the best leaders on their toes as they become the followers for a second.

    Sugar Push Variation

    Sugar Push Variation (intermediate)

    Musicality – Tips to Accent the Music

    Q&A How do I accent the music? Learn some basic ways to create accents in the music without knowing every song.

    Footwork – Boogie Walks

    Boogie Walk: Make sure you learn this classic movement. Its a fun way to walk in WCS.

    Barrel Roll

    Barrel Roll for WCS: Learn how to make this advanced turn happen during your WCS.

    Telespin for WCS

    Tele Spin for WCS: 8 count pattern using a telespin. We also include an extended version.

    Whip with inside turn variation

    Whip with inside turn variation: 8 count whip with an inside turn but ending in a different hand hold than normal.

    Illusion Turns

    Illusion Turns: Also called 'wrist clips' or 'egg beaters' this is a fun way to make a turn look cool.

    Carwash inside turn

    Carwash Inside turn: Basic 6 count turn for the follower but with a fun 'carwash' action

    Footwork – Camel Walk

    Camel Walks: A cool way to make your walks down the slot as a follower.

    Connection – Breathing into your connection

    Breathing into your connection: A little trick to get an extra bit of 'breath' or 'stretch' into your dancing.

    Stylistic Tucks

    Stylistic Tuck: Learn a new way to over-rotate your tucks while adding a cool arm slide. Check this one out!

    Pattern Concept – Scrolling

    Scrolling: This is more of a concept than a pattern. You can add it to your 'game' to move patterns on the floor. Check it out.

    Runaround to tuck

    Runaround to a tuck: This is a great basic move from closed position.

    Runaround from closed position

    Runaround from closed position: This is vey easy and a great move to lead when in closed position.

    Ronde to ride

    Ronde to ride: This is a very leadable trick with a little practice.

    Pop out waist catch to dip

    Pop out, waist catch to dip: This is a different fun pattern that ends in a dip!

    Roll in Roll out with big arm spin

    Roll in Roll Out with cool mans turn: This one is tricky. The roll in roll out is pretty basic but what happens next is what sets this pattern apart.

    Right side pass (no under arm turn)

    Right side pass (no under arm turn) This pattern is very basic yet not super common. Its very useful though. I believe it helps improve your whip. Watch and learn!

    Rag doll dip

    Rag Doll Dip: This is one of the basic dips in partner dancing. Its a good one to know!

    Q & A – How do I keep my moves interesting?

    Q&A: How to I keep my moves interesting? Learn some ideas to keep your tired old wcs patterns fresh!

    Pop out and grove

    Pop out and groove: This move has a tricky setup and a tricky exit but you get to groove in the middle. Really neat pattern.

    Q&A – How do I remember my anchor steps?

    Q&A How do I remember my anchor steps?

    Q&A – How remember my patterns?

    Q&A: How do I remember my patterns?

    Q & A – How to dance to unfamiliar music?

    Q&A: How do I dance to an unfamiliar song?

    Open out with modern inside roll

    Open out with modern inside roll: This is a fun pattern and it looks really cool.

    Ladies Duck

    Ladies duck turn: 6 count inside turn with a basic duck. Its not a basic move but this video is the most basic duck video on the site. A good choice to learn a duck!

    Inside turn from man’s chicken wing

    Inside turn from chicken wing: An inside turn from closed position. The leader needs to use his near arm, hence the 'chicken wing' 6 counts.

    Tricks – Partnered sit spin

    Partnered sit spin: Learn a fun trick for the follower. This will take some practice. (OUT TAKE ALERT) I totally drop Megan in this video. I decided to keep the out take in the video to show you that no one is perfect. Especially not me! LOL

    Sugar tuck with over rotation

    Sugar Tuck with over rotation: Great option to use at the end of all of your tuck turns. You'll learn to flip spaces in the slot!

    Passing tuck with over rotation

    Passing tuck with an over rotation: This is a neat option to have for the end of your tuck turns of all kinds!

    Follower hijacks a free spin

    Ladies inside turn hijack: This is an easy hijack for the ladies as an alternate ending for any free spin. The best part is it does't break the flow of the pattern!

    Inside Turn with side by side walk around

    Inside turn with side by side walk around: We make a 6 count inside turn and turn it into and 8 count pattern. You could extend this pattern as desired!

    Hustle Whip with Outside Turn and Duck

    Hustle whip with outside turn and duck: Working with a hustle whip learn how to use and outside turn and a duck to make your pattern much more advanced!

    He She Turns

    He She Turns: Learn these hard to master turns for the leader/follower together!

    Hustle whip with Mans peel out

    Hustle whip with Mans peel out: Learn how to stall out a hustle whip so the leader can peel away making a cool new pattern

    Hustle Whip with a rock and go and ladies duck

    Hustle Whip with a rock and go and ladies duck: This pattern has lots of 'moving parts' a rock and go and a duck. Give it a try!

    Fouette Turns

    Fouettes: Learn how to lead and follow fouette turns for West Coast Swing. The girl is spinning on one foot!

    Fold to Mirror Pop Out

    Fold to mirror pop out: This is a neat move that pops out to a side by side position. Its definitely advanced!

    Duck to a Drop

    Duck to a Drop: Very popular move currently. Learn how to do this safely for the leader and follower.

    Apache Whip Pop Out Series

    Apache Whip Pop Out Series: We string together a couple patterns to give you a nice flow of moves.

    Tricks – Sit Drop

    Sit Drop: A kinda basic type of trick but we cover everything you need to make it both safe and awesome!

    Same Side Whip Series

    Same side Whip Series: Learn a bunch of different options using a same side whip. There are easy Intermediate through Advanced options.

    Man’s fly by

    Learn a man's fly by: Its a way for the man to change places in the slot by going under an arm. Good pattern to know as a lead.

    Tricks – Basic Dip

    Basic Dip: Learn how to perform a basic dip. A very useful skill.

    Decap Whip to Shadow Walk around

    Deceptive whip to shadow walk around. This look pretty cool. Its tricky to get into but once your there is a good place to groove out a bit in shadow position.

    Apache whip with shadow walk around

    Apache whip with shadow walk around. This is a good one to change the tempo and groove a bit.

    Whip with anchor change

    Its all about the different anchor step with this one. Its a simple whip with a different way to change sides on the anchor step. Its a good one to have in your list of options.

    6 count reverse whip with duck

    6 count reverse whip with duck: This starts out looking like a reverse whip but accelerates to finish in 6 beats with a tricky duck.

    Starter Step

    The Starter Step: Learn a slightly more formal way to begin each dance.

    Turns – My favorite tip for pirouettes

    Learn a great tip for the ladies pirouettes! Its my favorite drill for learning the balance and arm position.

    Cut off right side pass

    Cut off right side pass: We reverse the girl from a right side pass so she ends on the same side she started.

    Cut off decapitive whip

    Cut off devapitive whip: 6 counts. This pattern starts like a deceptive whip but finishes in 6 counts.

    Blind Side Tuck

    Blind Side Tuck: Simply a tuck with a different hand with the man facing away!

    Fold to rock and go behind mans back. 10 counts

    Fold to rock and go behind mans back: This one starts with a fold, has a rock and go behind the mans back and finishes out in 10 counts!

    Behind the back waist catch

    Behind the Back Waist Catch: This is fun and very different.

    Around the world

    Around the world: Nothing too hard. This one grooves!

    Apache Whip with Mans Turn

    Apache Whip with mans turn. The guys have to be quick to make this one happen!

    Styling – Anchor Step Variations

    Learn to easy ways to vary your anchor step on your basic patterns.

    Pirouettes to Duck Series (advanced)

    Pirouettes into a duck followed by a dip. This is a great trick to up the difficulty of any routine.

    Advanced Outside Roll Series

    This is a 6 count outside roll for the lady. The fact that it happens behind the leaders back makes it harder and hence more advanced.

    Advanced Duck Pattern

    Crazy Ducking Turn! This is not really a social pattern but more of a trick. With some practice you will have yourself a unique move!

    6 Count Elbow Catch

    6 count elbow catch.This starts out looking like a reverse whip but ends in 6 counts with a unique elbow catch!

    Roll in Pop Out (advanced series)

    Roll in Pop Out (advanced series) This is a great video with lots of different options for you using a roll in and pop out. Fun stuff in this one!

    Tuck Turn with Two Hands

    Tuck Turn with 2 hands, finishing with R to L hand hold

    Simple reverse whip variations

    We cover the lead from both a R to R hand hold and a R to L hand hold to give you some options.

    Same Side Whip

    Same Side Whip! This is a need way to make a basic whip feel new and fresh.

    Whip from Closed Position

    Whip from Closed Position.

    Reverse Whip with Inside and Outside Turns

    Reverse Whip with Inside and Outside Turns

    Whip with Outside Turn

    Whip with Outside turn for the follower.

    Reverse Whip

    Reverse Whip. Learn a whip where the follower turns away from the leader to begin the whip.

    Hustle Whip

    8 count whip with all basic footwork but a hustle hand hold.

    Decapitive Whip

    Decapitive Whip. Watch this video so you don't take your partner's head off with this fun whip.

    Carwash Whip

    Carwash Whip. 8 Count with with a fun 'car wash' outside turn action.

    Apache Whip

    Apache Whip. 8 Count whip with outside turn for the girl. Behind the back hand change.

    Tuck Turn to Elbow Catch with Over-Rotated Anchor

    Tuck Turn to Elbow Catch with Over-Rotated Anchor. 10 count pattern with a couple cool twists.

    Tuck Turn to Elbow Catch

    Tuck turn to elbow catch. 10 count pattern.

    Same side free spin

    Same side free spin. Learn to redirect a free spin to leave the follower on the same side as she started the pattern.

    Run around from closed position

    6 count runaround starting in closed position.

    Roll in Roll out (R to L hand)

    Roll in Roll out for the lady. 6 counts.

    Roll in Roll out from Handshake hold

    Roll the girl in and out from a handshake hold.

    Inside turn from handshake hold

    Inside turn using a R to R or handshake hold


    Cool inside turn for the girl called a bowtie!

    Free Spin

    Free spin from Right to Left hand hold

    Sugar tuck with 2 hands

    A basic sugar tuck but with 2 hands as a creative way to switch hands to a R to L hand hold

    Sugar Tuck Over-Rotated

    Learn to make the sugar tuck into an intermediate pattern by over-rotating it!

    Sugar Tuck Over-rotated in Handshake Hold

    Add some spice to your sugar tuck with this over-rotated version using a handshake hold!

    Roll in roll out with extra walks

    Learn to add a couple extra walks to your roll in roll out patterns.

    Right side pass with mans turn

    A simple right side pass (under arm turn) with a mans turn at the end.

    Roll in pop out series intermediate

    Learn a roll in and pop out with a couple or different endings.

    Decapitive whip series

    Using a decapitive whip I break down 4 different versions of the pattern making this a great series of moves!

    Behind the back whip series

    Great series using a behind the back whip. This advanced series presents 3 different options using the behind the back whip as the base.

    Outside Roll

    Here is a 6 count outside roll for the ladies.

    Modern Inside Roll

    Modern Inside Roll: This a slick version of a basic inside turn.

    Left Side Pass with Mans Turn

    A simple left side pass with a mans turn at the end.

    Fold from handshake hold

    Here is another version of a fold with a handshake hold.


    Here is an neat beyond the basic pattern called a fold.

    Inside Turn

    Learn the inside turn. Also called the inside roll.

    Right Side Pass

    Learn the right side pass. Also called the under arm turn.

    Whip (8 counts)

    Learn the whip! (8 counts)

    Tuck Turn

    Learn the tuck turn!

    Sugar Tuck

    Learn the Sugar Tuck!

    Sugar Push (push break)

    Learn the Sugar Push or Push Break!

    Left Side Pass

    Learn the left side pass!

    Turns – Improve your ballance

    Improve balance in your dancing and especially in your TURNS with my favorite drill!

    Styling & Spins – Understanding Posture

    Learn how to align your body to achieve good posture!

    Connection – One beat lead

    Learn the 'one beat lead!' In this video you will learn a different way to communicate the lead and direction of the pattern.

    Connection – One hand lead and follow drill

    Improve the dexterity of your lead and follow with this fantastic partner drill!

    Footwork – Learn the opposite role

    Rewire your brain! Learn the opposite role to improve your understanding of your own footwork.

    Styling – Finishing your Arm & Leg Lines

    Finish your lines! Tips on finishing your arm and leg lines.

    Styling – 3 keys to looking great with your partner

    3 Keys to looking great with your partner! Match, Compliment or Contrast your partner to create some good looks.

    Q & A – How do I take my styling to the next level?

    I'll give you a very philosophical approach to style and creativity!

    Q & A How do you structure a practice?

    How to I structure my practice? Learn from years of experience on the best way to practice!

    Q & A – How do I start a practice group?

    Tips to get a group of dancers to practice and improve together.

    Q & A – How do I respond to the rhythm and weight changes of my partner?

    Learn some tips to respond to your partner better while dancing...

    Q& A – How do I connect to the floor?

    Q&A: How do I connect to the floor? Learn a great tip to connect 'into' the floor.

    Q &A – How do I connect better to my partner?

    This video gives you one great tip to set things up properly with your connection!

    Footwork – Linedance your patterns

    Improve your Connection, Style, Musicality and Footwork with this video! Learn to dance your patterns like a linedance!

    Connection – Posture A-V-H

    A's - V's - H's How these 3 shapes affect your connection.

    Footwork & Turns – Understanding the three toe base

    Understand the '3 toe base' for better balance and footwork.

    3 Keys to connect better with your partner

    Q&A. How do I avoid pulling on my partner?! 3 Keys to better connection with your partner.

    Styling – Hip Isolations

    Learn some fun latin inspired hip-isolations to use in your WCS!

    Turns – Balance and Posture for turns

    A quick look at posture and how to carry your weight to improve balance in your turns.

    Turns – Spotting drill for turns

    Keep from getting dizzy - look faster & improve your balance in turns by understanding spotting!

    Turns – Pivot Turns

    Learn to stabilize the end of your turns by understanding pivot turns!

    Turns – Inside Turn

    I use a basic pattern to break down common problems with turns. Great video especially if you are NOT a turn expert! This is for LEADERS and FOLLOWERS!

    Turns – Chaine Turns

    Improve your speed and balance by learning my version of chaine turns!

    Turns & Connection – Your correct arm position in a turn

    Learn the proper position of your arm in a turn!

    Styling – Using your angles

    Learn how to use angles to create a more dynamic look on the dance floor!

    Styling – Stretch in 2 directions

    Want to learn how to make long beautiful lines? Learn to stretch in 2 directions. This is one of my favorite styling concepts.

    Styling – Body Waves and Ripples

    Want some ideas of how to use your hips in West Coast Swing. This will give you some things to think about.

    Styling – Arm Styling

    Want to learn some basic ways to use your arms when you dance? Check this out!

    Turns – 3 best tips for pirouettes (spins on one foot)

    Want my 3 BEST tips for spinning on one foot? This is the video for you!

    All Beginner Patterns

    The most complete beginner video on the web. Get a full breakdown of all the beginner patterns including leader and follower footwork in this 20min video. SKIP STRAIGHT TO YOUR PATTERN: SUGAR PUSH 0:53, LEFT SIDE PASS 2:53, RIGHT SIDE PASS/UNDER ARM TURN 5:13, SUGAR TUCK 8:16, TRAVELING TUCK 10:52, INSIDE ROLL 12:12, WHIP 15:54

    Q&A – How to deal with wild followers?

    Q&A Who do you deal with a follower who throws herself around? (Followers please read. There is good info in here for you too!)

    Q&A – How do I break bad habits?

    Q&A How do you break bad habits?

    Q&A – How do I develop style?

    Q&A: How do I develop my own style? This video explores some theory and then some practical examples of how do develop some style in your WCS.

    Q&A – Leading with your body vs. arm

    Q&A Leading with your body vs. your arm.

    Footwork – Rolling through your feet

    DON'T dance flat footed! This video will show you what to do instead.

    Footwork – Applejacks for WCS

    Applejacks for WCS. Learn old school drill that will let you create a modern look to your footwork!

    Q & A – Connecting with partners who have poor connection?

    Q&A How do I deal with partners who have poor connection? Either too heavy or too light?

    Connection – 3 types of connection

    Connection: Learn 3 types of connection for your west coast swing!

    Footwork – Cover and Pull

    'Cover and Pull' is a great drill that will add funk to your west coast swing footwork. Its a favorite drill of mine!

    Footwork – Tracking your feet

    Learn to properly track your feet from step to step. This is something that is often not talked about but that all high level dancers do.

    Connection – Improve your connection by understand your footwork

    Using a rolling action through your feet to improve your connection.

    Q & A – How do I dance ‘grounded’?

    Q&A: What does it mean to be ground with your footwork? Find out in this video!

    Footwork – Slide & Glide

    Footwork: Learn to slide and glide. Create a 'moonwalk' looking action with this cool drill.

    Footwork – Dancing with strong feet

    Footwork: Paying attention to the articulation of your feet can be important to create a good look on the floor. See that strong footwork looks like.

    Connection – Hand Hold

    Learn some different versions of your hand hold to connect better with your partner.

    Connection – Get connected early

    Get connected early to really ramp up your dancing. This concept will really make your dancing come alive.