A time to give thanks

West Coast Swing Online Grab Bag

This week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States — Its a time for us all to give thanks.

Keeping a dance community vibrant is hard work. Please take a moment give thanks to the people who support your local dance community.

Organizers do a lot of work behind the scenes to arrange classes, dances and to promote events. Instructors take a lot of time to prepare and teach lessons. Some communities are fortunate enough to have mentors that run practice groups, encourage new dancers, and support their peers.  Studio owners work hard running a small business and sharing the love of dance, even social dancers can contribute by asking newer or less skilled dancers to dance and making people feel welcome.

This week, take a moment to thank the people who help your community — Be generous!

Let them know how much you appreciate the energy and positive attitude that they bring to the dance community.

Some people I’d like to thank..

Running West Coast Swing Online is hard work and I absolutely could not do it alone.

There is a team of us here in Louisville KY who contribute to help put out blogs, run social media, shoot video and respond to the mountain of email and phone calls.

Ms Jo Ann (my mom)

No this is not the typical thank your mom moment 😉 My mom JoAnn has actually worked full time for our dance studio and west coast swing online for several years now. If you ever call us on the phone, you are likely to talk to her. Without her we literally could not function as professionally as we do. Thanks mom. I love you!

Ms. Emily

Ms Emily is not only important to me personally, she a fantastic dancer and a great teacher. Emily manages our studio here in Louisville. She also helps organize our blog content on the site and helps keep my crazy brain under control. If you attend our WCS event Derby City Swing in January, you are likely to deal with her because she runs all of our registration. Love you Emily. Thanks for all you do for me!

Ms. Megan


You probably know Megan from our videos. She works for our dance studio and does the lions share of the work on video for the website. She also manages our a lot of social media. Megan started as my student and some 14 years later is my professional partner. Watching her grow in the dance community has been one of the highlights of my dance journey. Love you Megan. Thank you for all of your support.

My Dance Studio Staff


West Coast Swing Online would simply not exists if I didn’t have such a strong staff at our studio. The website take up so much of my focus and these guys run the show at the studio flawlessly. Thanks to JoAnn, Kelli, Emily, Megan, Ben and Spencer for all playing a part in helping build WCS Online!

Finally… THANK YOU!

This is a staggering one for me….

We literally have well over 20,000 people that watch, read, follow and support this site!

I read so many positive emails each day from people around the world. What you have shared with me has helped me grow as a teacher, business owner and as a person. I can’t thank each and every one of you enough. All I can do is to promise to wake up every day and make west coast swing online the best it can possibly be for you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wishing you the very best.

Brian B


Dance Instructor

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