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The WCS Anchor and Body Weight

West Coast Swing Online Anchor Step

Last week, we practiced the foot position of the WCS anchor. This week, we’re going to focus on where your body weight is during the anchor. Remember that anchors stretch away from your partner. This drill will teach you how to do this throughout the whole anchor.

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The Drill: Without a partner, stand with your feet together. Slowly shift your weight forward and backward on your feet, finding how far forward and backwards you can go before you become unsteady. You should be able to feel the whole range of positions:

  1. Having your weight towards your toes, almost falling forward
  2. Having your weight over the ball of your foot, able to keep your balance but also lift your heels
  3. Having your weight over the arch of your foot, so that you can’t lift either your toes or heels without shifting your body
  4. Having your weight over the front part of your heels, such that you can lift your toes but still remain stable
  5. Having your weight over the back part of your heels, where you are almost falling backwards

Once you have found those positions on your feet, it’s time to apply them to your anchor. Do the same anchor drill as last week, with the following additions:

  • When you step your non-anchor foot, your weight should be between #3 and #4. If your weight gets as far forward as #2, your center is no longer further away from your partner than your supporting foot, which means that you have lost the away part of the anchor.
  • When you take the final step of your triple on your anchor foot, settle your weight at #4. #5 is too far back; you will be unstable and uncomfortable. #3 is too far forward; being over your arch can feel like neutral, but the end of the anchor needs to be definitively away. The front part of the heel is the only position on the foot that creates a stable away position.

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Practice this drill slowly until you can consistently put your weight over the appropriate part of the foot during the whole anchor sequence.

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