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WOW….hat a year was!!! It’s staggering to think, but I’m proud to report that over 20,000 people learned online from us in 2017. That is just an amazing stat. It has us inspired to create more awesome stuff for you guys to help improve your WCS. Here is the list of our most popular posts in 2017…

Top posts of 2017:

1. Ladies Styling Checklist

2. Overcoming Frustration

3. Do your basics inspire you?

4. 5 Drills to improve your WCS in 30 seconds

5. The 7 Challenges of West Coast Swing


Some things new in this past year:

A new site design (with an even better one on the way soon)

New videos (300+ at the moment) New blog 400+ and counting all related to WCS.

We also launched a wildly popular way to try our site>> A new 30 day $1 trial. Yep… you can get full access to all of our videos (300+ of them) for just $1.  >>GET YOUR $1 TRIAL NOW<<

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