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  • Easy to follow pattern videos.
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  • Styling tips to look great with any partner.
  • The #1 key to musicality in WCS.
  • Tips to never forget your footwork or patterns ever again.
  • How to improve the stretch in your connection.
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Why do people love west coast swing online?

“This is probably the most succinct and visually cleanest tutorial I’ve watched on WCS. This definitely earned my subscription. Superb work!”


Myles Martinez (via website post comment)

“As a dance instructor I really like Brian’s teaching. Everything he teaches is in line with my philosophy of building your dancing from the basics. It’s nice that Brian is willing to share with the dance community.”


Mona Brandt Owner, Shall We Dance Phoenix

“Brian, your #1 key to musicality….One of the most helpful tips!!!”

Roger (2)

Herb More, Chicago IL

“Brian, finally getting time to explore WCS Online. So much more than just patterns. What a value. Thanks for the hard work.”


David Anderson (via email)

“Brian, I wanted to thank you for always providing such speedy customer service. Its very rare and I just wanted to let you know you have a customer who greatly appreciates it. I’m enjoying your site. LOTS to learn and motivate me! Thanks for all you do.”

Roger (1)

Roger Presswood (via email)

“What I like most is that there is something for every level dancer. Everything is broken down so everyone can understand.”


-Pam Rickelhoff, Cincinatti OH (via Facebook)