Variety in WCS

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Just how much variety is available in west coast swing? Well, let’s take a simple left side pass…

  • We can embellish the pattern by adding turns for the follower (e.g., inside roll) or leader (e.g., spin on the anchor).
  • We can shape the pattern with different handholds or different body positions.
  • We can extend the pattern with extra beats.
  • We can shorten the pattern with accelerations.
  • We can modify or syncopate the footwork to fit the music.
  • We can change the connection using constant connection, double resistance, floating anchors, etc.
  • We can bend the slot to create new angles.

Now keep in mind that each of these options can be achieved in multiple ways. Then add in the possibilities opened by play. Oh yeah—and this is all off of a simple left side pass.

The result of all of these options is an almost breathtaking variety within WCS. It’s no wonder that people fall in love with this dance: there’s just so much to do!

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