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Well this isn’t a full on documentary its worth a watch if you are a WCS fan!

West Coast Swing Mini Documentary

So I was hunting around the internet trying to dig up new cool videos to share and I came across this, a west coast swing documentary. Its a rough 7 plus minute long video. Its pretty well narrated and quite interesting. Its essentially some footage of swing from early years to today but what really makes this come alive is the hear the interview style thoughts of some top professionals. Jordan Frisbee, Robert Royston, Bruce Perrotta all share some interesting thoughts on the dance in a way that we don’t always get to hear Its kinda cool. Please take a peek!

 Check out the video.

West Coast Swing Short Documentary (Rough Cut) from Vino on Vimeo.

Notable WCS Professionals interviewed:
Jordan Frisbee
Robert Royston
Bruce Perrotta

Although its not a real ‘documentary’ I really appreciate the time put into this video. I hope you enjoyed it.If you have any other cool info related to west coast swing and its history, please email us. We would love to share it with our followers! All the best! WCS Online

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  1. Hi – I love what’s being done here, this kind of documentary can really be a help in trying to explain what wcs is to those who have not tried it or discovered it yet. Like in Copenhagen… It says “rough cut” – if someone is still editing on this i have a wish 🙂 I do think the examples are all of great dancers, but I would also appreciate if there was at least one small clip showing a little of the basics – you know, plain sugar push, whip, left side turn… I think it would make for a good balance of the origins and the millions of variations? But it’s just a suggestion.

  2. Post

    I think this was made a while back. I stumbled upon it and thought it was pretty interesting so I shared it. Personally what you are asking for is what I’m striving for with this site. I want to collect as much relevant WCS information all in one place! I don’t rule out doing a documentary sponsored by west coast swing online one day.

    PS check out the video page on this site. http://westcoastswingonline.com/video/
    It has patterns of EVERY level.

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