West Coast Swing Events (International)

Our own event listings page will soon be back, better than ever. You will soon be able to add your own West Coast Swing dance events to our very own community calendar.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here is some info and links to fantastic WCS events around the globe.

World Swing Dance Council – WSDC Events

The main competition organization governing the largest west coast swing event weekends is the WSDC. If you are looking to compete in a Jack and Jill, Strictly Swing, Pro Am, Rising Star or Open divisions this is where you wanna be. These weekends combine workshops from top professionals, a wide range of competitions as well as lots and lots of late night social dancing. Some events are more “hard core” than others but there is definitely something for everyone here.

National Association of Swing Dance Events

NASDE as its often called is a tour of 12 of the WSDC events. Theses events have a high standard as well as special prize money for the winners of the tour. They sponsor all of the main west coast swing competition divisions to preserve, and improve swing dancing. They strive to provide a competitive environment  across the nation to include the Carolina Shag, Dallas Push, East Coast Swing, Hand Dancing, Houston Whip, Imperial Swing, and West Coast Swing. Again these events all have great workshops, social dancing and a high caliber of dancers!

Derby City Swing

Louisville Kentucky in late January — Over 600 dancers can’t be wrong —  Come see why we are the fastest growing event in the Midwest! www.DerbyCitySwing.com

Pure Social Dance Events

West Coast Swing events that do not include any competition are harder to come by. There are some great ones though. Swingin’ dance party in August in Cincinnati is a great one. Derby City Swing in late January in Louisville KY has competition but really caters to social dancers.

West Coast Swing on Facebook

Another great resource is Facebook! If you go to the top search bar and search west coast swing plus the city you are looking for, then click on events, you will find lots of great options. Global West Coast Swing is the largest page with over 6,000 WCS fans. Its a great resource too. From one day workshops in your local areas to full on event weekends it really the best place to find diamonds in the rough for WCS events.

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