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While there are many things to take into account when considering west coast swing social dance etiquette, here are some tried and true rules that will never let you down.

1. Never blame your partner

Mistakes while social dancing happen all the time. The social dance floor is never a good place to bring to light these mistakes. Do your best during the dance, politely thank your partner, and look forward to another dance in the future.

2. No teaching on the dance floor

Unsolicited advice on the dance floor is never a good idea. There are too many opportunities to hurt you partners feelings with even the smallest piece of advice. Even if asked simply say something positive and remind your partner that the social floor is not the best place for such discussions.

3. A request should be accepted

In most circumstances, its good etiquette to accept a dance request. If you are unable to dance that particular song please wait until the next song to dance with another partner. If possible seek the the partner you previously turned down for a dance later in the night.

4. No monopolizing your partner

We all have favorite partners for various reasons but its not good etiquette to keep them to your selves for the evening. It does happen but its not the best expression of social dance etiquette. Try dancing with as many different levels of partners each night.

5. Dance to the level of your partner

Its not polite to dance over the level of your partner, nor is it polite to “dumb down” your dancing. Dance your dance but take into account the level of your partner and adjust accordingly. Every partner is different and hence every dance should be different.

6. Dress appropriately

Your outfit should reflect the culture of the group you will be dancing with. Different regions and age groups have slightly different cultures. Pay attention to these when you are getting ready for the evening’s dancing.

7. Use good manners at all times

Social dancing mixes people of all backgrounds into one melting pot called the dance floor. Its always in good taste to use good manners when speaking to each other in these setting. Be on your best behavior when speaking to others of the opposite sex and chose topics of conversation wisely.


West Coast Swing social dance etiquette (closing thoughts)

The basics of dance etiquette are in place to make sure that everyone can enjoy and evening of social dancing. West Coast Swing is a great dance that brings together people from all walks of life into the same activity. Its important to use basic manners, good dance technique and a little bit of social dance etiquette to ensure that everyone had a good time.

Try to be an example for people in your community. Doing so will go a long way to creating a great welcoming culture. If we all try hard to use these 7 rules it will go a long way towards positively influencing the new dancers as the join us on the dance floor ensuring that we have lots of people to dance with for years to come!


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  1. When a gal says no, I see how she says no. You can tell from her response, facial expression, body language, and her interest in you – if you should ask her again. You don’t want to ask her again, if these things are not right.

    I think that good dancers should go over and ask less experience dancers. “Giving is better than taking … “. If people really care about the society of WCS, they will try to expand it to others.

    Thank you for all you do for WCS. And good luck, going forward.

    1. Post

      Great Advice!
      Thanks for the support.
      We’re trying hard to serve WCS dancers 😉

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