West Coast Swing Year in Review 2019

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As our 4rd year at WCS Online comes to a close I wanted to share the best of 2019 with you as well as to reflect on what an amazing year we’ve had.

It’s mind boggling that we have had such a reach across the USA and across the world!

Most Popular Content of 2019

Most popular Facebook Post (seen by 30,000 people)

Most popular Video on the website (We enjoyed shooting this)

Most Popular Video on YouTube (Beginners the the future)

Blog Post (for non beginners)

The most popular video on the website

“Stylistic Tucks from handshake hold”

For the 2nd year in a row this was the most watched video on the site!

At first I was perplexed at why this video was the most watched on the site. I mean it’s a cool pattern but why this particular video? Then I realized… It’s because it’s one of the free videos! Duh… Makes sense right? It’s in the intermediate section which tells me that most people fall in the middle somewhere between beginner and advanced (although we have a fair share of beginners that use the site) So without further adieu…Here is the most watched video on WCS Online.

Watch the Stylistic Tucks video here

Top 3 blog posts of 2019

  1. What is West Coast Swing

This was another interesting one! Why was this post that we wrote back in 2017, the most popular post of 2018 AND 2019? The internet is a strange place. For some reason google chose to rank this page on page 1 for WCS searches. So more people saw this post in 2019 that all others. We took time to try to make this a really helpful post for beginners!

2. 10 Things Good WCS Dancer Do Differently

This one is still strong! It was written back in 2017 and has remained popular over the years. This year climbing to #2

3. How to Practice WCS Alone

I was happy to see that people embraced this one. We put a list together (with a video ) of how you can practice alone. It became the 3rd most popular post of 2019


Our top 3 Facebook Posts of 2019

As I went over our Facebook stats I found 2 things that did really well this year – Quotes & Videos (we didn’t share enough video on FB in 2018 – that will change in 2019)

  1.  “You know you’re a dancer when…

Megan created this one and it was seen by 30,000 people

See the post and share it here

2. The video for our Swing & Country Cruise to ALASKA

July 10th we’re dancing and cruising to Alaska. Wanna go? Lean more here

3. An inspirational quote 

Again Megan was on fir inspiring dancers on our facebook page. This one came in at #3 for 2019


My personal favorites of 2019

Favorite videos of 2019

Ok this has 2 parts…

Part 1 – My favorite video was the one I shot on my climb of Mt Kilimanjaro in February!

You can watch it here!

Part 2 – My favorite instructional video

This was a tricky one since the video are starting to blur together.

I think the video we did on ducks for west coast swing was my favorite because it was the first time I was able to get Megan to teach on video!

Favorite location we traveled to teach  in 2019

Boy this one is close. I love the people in Calgary Canada at the Calgary dance stampede. It’s well worth the trip if you love great workshops.

By my favorite has to be our trip to Albuquerque  NM. The workshops and reception we had there were amazing. And the people… boy they were just the best.

See our entire 2019 travel schedule here

Personal favorite blog post of 2019

Dance Shoes for West Coast Swing

I want to make helpful resources for dancers and this was one thing we were missing. We put a lot of time and effort into it (including getting some great help from the people on our facebook page)

Fun Stats from 2019:


  • Our videos were viewed  1,250,910 times in 2018 (over 4 million times in total)
  • We shot 94 new videos – Most were WCS videos but we added some 2-Step too!


  • 14,778 people got our move of the week emails by the end of 2019
  • We send 376,542 emails to people around the world sharing cool WCS stuff. (over 994,000 in total over the 4 years)
  • We answered 3721 of your questions via email this year


We usually do a giveaway of some sort. In 2019 we just got too busy with launcing the cruise business and a new event. I promise we will do more of these in 2019! Below is a review of what we did in 2018.

  • We gave away a FREE trip to MadJam the largest WCS convention (2nights hotel + Pass)
  • We did it for our event too! Derby City Swing
  • We gave away $500 toward private lessons to 2 different people
  • We donated $957 (with your help) to a local child abuse charity in our city!


  • Our paid members increased by 25% in 2019. (Thank you for the support!)
  • Our most popular course in 2018 AND 2019 was The Ultimate Guide to Musicality (wcs is about the music so that makes sense)
  • Our Facebook Page doubled in size. We made an effort so share more stuff you’d like. (you should ‘like’ it)
  • We launched a new Country & Swing event in Louisville in May
  • We hosted our dance cruise (we will be doing 3 per year) Learn more

So there you have it…

Our year in review for 2019. I’m so excited for what 2020 has in store. (some seriously big projects)

The emails, the nice comments … YOU are the oxygen that keeps me going.

A big thanks to my team here in Louisville.

My mom JoAnn, Ms Megan  Ms Emily, our developer Orlando G.

Keep sharing the love of dance my friends.

See you on the dance floor!

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