Why Stand Up Straight Does More Than Just Improve Your Posture

Why ‘Stand Up Straight’ Does More Than Just Improve Your Posture!

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We know that good posture is important for dancing well, and we’ve all heard the phrase ‘Stand Up Straight.  So what’s the big dea? Why should we actually pay attention to our posture? Let’s take a look and see why Stand Up Straight does more than just improve your posture.

Why should I worry about my posture?

Through recent studies, scientists have shown that focusing on your posture improves your willpower and self-control as well as self esteem!

In a remarkable study, social scientists asked college students to perform a variety of tasks. Anything from writing down what they ate to thinking positive thoughts, in order to see if any activities could improve the students’ willpower. The most effective intervention that the scientists tested was to have the students work on their posture during the two-week experiment. As summarized in the book Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength,

That tiresome old advice—”Stand up straight!”—was more useful than anyone had imagined. By overriding their habit of slouching, the students strengthened their willpower and did better at tasks that had nothing to do with posture (emphasis added).

Since focusing on posture has such dramatic results not only in dancing but also in life, it’s worth thinking about posture throughout your day-to-day activities. Whenever you are in front of a computer monitor or behind a steering wheel, take a second to un-slouch yourself. When you’re chatting to someone at a work function, take a moment and make sure you’re actually standing up straight. It’s a small effort that pays large dividends in the long run! While there may be other things you might want to worry about in your dancing, paying attention to that somewhat annoying phrase will make a huge difference. People do not typically think about, or the outcome of what it could do! So go out there,  ‘Stand Up Straight’ and go dance!

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