why you should learn west coast swing

Why you should learn West Coast Swing

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Why you should learn West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a partner dance that YOU should learn!  Learning West Coast Swing (or the abbreviation WCS)  will improve your confidence, promote a mind-body connection, and impress your family and friends.  Here are some more reasons why you should learn West Coast Swing:

You get to dance to music you love!

One of the biggest reasons  why you should learn west coast swing is the music! The music for WCS dancing is so versatile!  You can dance to such a wide variety of genres including pop, top 40’s, oldies, rock, blues, contemporary, country western, and even jazz.  Unlike ballroom dancing, which requires a strict type of beat and pace, WCS can be danced fast or slow and take on the characteristics of the different songs and genres the DJ plays.  At a WCS social dance, the DJ will play many speeds and genres throughout the night, so you won’t get bored with the music.

There are many opportunities and venues to dance WCS.

You will get a lot of use out of the dance because you can dance it at weddings, country bars, parties, family gatherings, bar mitzvahs, and WCS dance halls.  This is because they play WCS music at these types of events, as compared to ballroom dances.  When was the last time you heard a tango playing at the local night club? As an avid social dancer this is a BIG reason you should learn west coast swing!

West Coast Swing crosses over well into other dance styles. 

You can use a lot of the patterns and stylings from WCS in your ballroom and country dances as well.  You will pick up this dance really easily if you have experience in ballroom and country dances because there are many similar wraps and arm positions.

Connect with the music and your partner to make magic. 

It is one of the greatest highs you can experience to be able to connect with your partner and the music!  It’s better and safer than drugs. WCS is like a conversation, where the leader invites and the follower interprets and embellishes.  It is common in WCS for woman to lead and men to be able to follow, which adds a whole other dimension of fun and challenge to this style.

Watch 2 partners REALLY connect.

With so many online resources, it is easy and very cost effective to learn WCS. 

You can learn WCS for close to free.  There are endless youtube videos to get inspiration.  We offer a subscription for teaching videos that breaks down patterns and styling, as well as lead and follow tips and techniques.  You can learn from the convenience of your own home.

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Be yourself, dress casual, and make like-minded friends. 

Still asking yourself why you should learn west coast swing? In West Coast Swing, it is very casual as compared to ballroom dance styles.  There is no need to get all dressed up or wear very high heels.  You can wear comfortable clothes or jeans and flat shoes. WCS dancers are friendly and it is nice to have friends that share common interests, like the love of dance!  You can express yourself without feeling judged. See our articles on what to wear for west coast swing and the best shoes for west coast swing.

West Coast Swing allows great self expression and communication with your partner.  Check out our many videos, and blogs to help you on your journey of learning and mastering West Coast Swing.

Learn online with us!

Let me introduce myself.. My name is Brian B and I’m a professional dancer from Louisville KY. You can read more about me here. I started West Coast Swing Online to help YOU as a social dancer. I want not not only give you the why you should learn west coast swing but how you can learn west coast swing!

We have over 300 videos, 400 articles all related to west coast swing. The question is where should you start? Let me give you some recommendations.

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#4. Take a peek at our WCS Video Vault.

Head over to our WCS Video Vault and peek at all of our videos! They are all designed to make learning (and mastering WCS) as easy as possible!


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