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4:00 pm – 3 Core Basics of WCS (Beginner) – WATCH HERE

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6:00pm – Musicality for WCS  – WATCH HERE

6:30pm – Q & A With WCSOL Crew – WATCH HERE

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Your Questions Answered

PS I’m working through the list. Not all of these are answered… yet. They will be though!

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Help with Arm Styling
Country Two Step Patterns!! Where can I find more?

We are adding some to our move of the week videos.

We also built a site for Country Dancers

Country Dance Online

All members of our site have access to ALL of our videos.

Including Two Step Videos

Take a peek here

I don't have a partner to practice or dance can I practice alone? What are some drills to do by myself?

This blog post is and AWESOME resource!

Help! How can I control my spins?

There could be lots of issues.

This spins and turns post is a good overview

This spins and turns for west coast swing video is a good first step

Our Spins & Turns course will solve ALL of your problems (with practice of course)

2 Step Spin Tips for Leaders (Staying over the ball of the foot specifically)
What can I do during the current move to prep the follower for the next move?

Tricky question. 

This is how to prep an inside turn

How to keep WCS technique and fundamentals while adding styling and musicality
Styling tip - How do I find go-to moves to have on the dance floor?
My partner isn't interested in do I deal with that when I love to dance?!
How do I build new patterns from what I already know without instruction?
I have trouble remembering patterns when I get to the dance floor. How do I create practice routine for WCS and still stay musical?
Any tips to help remember patterns? Sometimes when I go out to dance, I get nervous and forget everything that I've learned!
How can I work and improve on my Musicality?
I'm having struggles moving into the next tier of competition or making finals. How do I progress into the next level of dancing and competition?
How do I properly spot in my spins?

This is a helpful article on spotting spins and turns

Our course The Ultimate Guide to Spins & Turns is awesome!

What's the best way to set up a good practice schedule? How much time should I allocate during the week, and in practice sessions to learn specific drills/ideas?
Struggles with finding motivation to practice during these times of no social dancing. Is line dance a good alternative?
How do I dance to Blues music and understand blues music timing?
There doesn't seem to be a light at the tunnel for social dancing, what should we do in the interim to not forget everything that we've learned?
How do I count 6 count patterns in the 8 beats of music for WCS...any tips you have for counting straight 8s while dancing?

This is a trick place to be in as a WCS dancer.

We’ve found that there are many sticking points.

Because I don’t know EXACTLY what the issue could be…

We created a living breathing resource to walk you through step by step.

It has special drills to help you in the areas you’re likely to be stuck.

Its called the Ultimate Guide to Musicality for WCS

You can pick up a copy here

It’s on sale right now for less than the cost of a private lesson.

And you’ll have it forever.

It will not only help separate 6’s & 8’s..

It will help you truly master musicality 


Hearing and Feeling the Music for Nightclub 2 Step - Tips for Musicality in Nightclub
How do I follow?! I seem to anticipate moves, and don't always do what the leader do I become a better follow?
I need help with WCS Styling!
What's the best way to learn Two Step from the group up? From technique, styling and musicality...all of it!
How can I 'play' and add a little showmanship to my dancing?
How do I work on styling and tying those options into different patterns?
I get dizzy every time I spin...what tips to you have for spins and not getting dizzy?
I lack creativity with adding WCS Styling to my dancing...what are some helpful tricks?
What are your Tips and Tricks for Timing in West Coast Swing?
Country Waltz tutorials

We launched Country Dance Online recently!

Waltz is the next dance that will be added!

Become a member and BUG the heck out of us till we get the videos up 🙂

It will motivate us to do it faster.

In the mean time here is a basic waltz video

Nightclub 2 Step Patterns and technique
I've never been to a competition before...what should i expect? What do I do?
I'm interested in more Hustle, Nightclub, Cha Cha & Waltz Patterns...where should I look?
What are some good footwork drills to use our feet properly in WCS?
A music list of Classic Rock and Country songs that I can dance WCS to
What is scrolling? And how can I add it into my dancing?

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