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What is West Coast Swing Online?

The #1 resource for WCS online!


Who we are and why we can help

  • We are the #1 resource for west coast swing online.
  • The largest library of high-quality streaming video – Over 240 videos!
  • We get great results, but don’t believe us. Read what our students have to say. Even professional teachers use us.
  • Our reach is worldwide. Last month alone 13,222 WCS dancers used our website from 39 countries around the world!
  • Our founder Brian isn’t just an online dance teacher. He has owned and operated a successful dance studio for over a decade & has also taught in over 20 countries worldwide.
  • You can read more about him here.

How we can help you learn faster

1. Are you a beginner? This is the perfect place to start

We have the best beginner tutorial on the web. Just follow the levels. No guessing as to whats next.

  • Learn how to stay on time to the music
  • Learn  how to remember your patterns
  • Learn to move more like a dancer

2. Are you an intermediate dancer?

You’ll get a great value. There are lots of patterns to learn. There are technique videos to expand your musicality, connection, footwork, spinning, styling and more…

  • Learn to understand musicality
  • Learn to stretch in your connection
  • Master your turns
  • Learn to add styling to your patterns

3. Are you super advanced? (even a teacher)

You’ve been dancing for a while… You’ll  be able to understand and implement the concepts and harder patterns quickly. As an advanced dancer you’ll really be able to use the website as a long term resource for your dancing! We have many teachers who use us!

  • Master musicality and how to incorporate in in your dancing.
  • Master advanced concepts like one foot spins
  • Learn not just advanced patterns but ‘pro style’ tricks! (these are not for intermediate dancers)
  • You’ll have a library of over 112 patterns to use!

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