My name is Brian B

I've helped 20,000+
people learn West Coast Swing online...
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It's like Netflix
for West Coast Swing Dancers

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It's like Netflix
for West Coast Swing Dancers

"Brian, your website is great. I dance 3 nights a week but have really
learned the most from you online. Keep up the good work! -Jeff Moyers

Everything you ever wanted to know
about West Coast Swing.

   My name is Brian B.

I'm a professional dancer from Louisville KY.
 3 years ago I started WCS Online with you in mind.
Yes YOU!

See I was just like you when I started WCS 20yrs ago.

I needed to learn my basics & get comfortable.

Then I wanted to GET REALLY GOOD!

Like you I was scouring the internet looking for help.

There are so many things to learn about WCS....
Patterns  & Techniques.
Musicality, styling, spins, connection the list goes on....

So I put my years of experience to work and...
Created the #1 Resource for WCS!

It's like Netflix for WCS dancers...

Inside we have 300+ videos, 400 articles and
4 'Ultimate Guides' to help you master
all aspects of WCS.

Plus I act like a virtual coach.

As a member you'll also receive bi-monthly patterns and tips
sent from me personally.

It's crazy to think.... but over 20,000 WCS dancers learn online
from us every year!

And now I'm excited to help YOU!

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"This is the #1 Resource for WCS. Such valuable information."
- Trendlyon Veal (Pro WCS dancer)

Areas we can help you improve!

Having trouble with a certain aspect of your dancing?
We have the solutions! Here are some great resources...


Learn to improve your timing and to master musicality.

Dance Styling

Bored with your dancing? Get styling tips to look great!

Dance Beginner
Are you a beginner?

We have a step by step guide for you to feel comfortable fast!

Why people love us...

We have easy to follow videos for Beginner to Advanced dancers. Learn patterns and improve your technique. Plus we're really fun 😉

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