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I've helped 20,000+
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It's like Netflix
for West Coast Swing Dancers

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It's like Netflix
for West Coast Swing Dancers

"Brian, I just signed up!  I've got 2 left feet but your videos have made a huge difference on both my confidence and capability.  I looked at a lot of videos and yours were the clearest and most professional.  Thanks!" - Nancy Summers

Everything you ever wanted to know
about West Coast Swing.

   My name is Brian B.

I'm a professional dancer from Louisville KY.

Over 4 years ago I started WCS Online with you in mind.
Yes YOU!

See I was just like you when I started WCS 20yrs ago.

I needed to learn my basics & get comfortable.

Then I wanted to GET REALLY GOOD!

Like you I was scouring the internet looking for help.

There are so many things to learn about WCS....
Patterns  & Techniques.
Musicality, styling, spins, connection the list goes on....

So I put my years of experience to work and...
Created the #1 Resource for WCS!

It's like Netflix for WCS dancers...

Inside we have 300+ videos, 400 articles and
4 'Ultimate Guides' to help you master
all aspects of WCS.

Plus I act like a virtual coach.

As a member you'll also receive bi-monthly patterns and tips
sent from me personally.

It's crazy to think.... but over 20,000 WCS dancers learn online
from us every year!

And now I'm excited to help YOU!

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"This is the #1 Resource for WCS. Such valuable information."
- Trendlyon Veal (Pro WCS dancer)

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