FAQ'S - West Coast Swing Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? This might be the place to find them. Take a look below and if you don’t see your question answered already, you can contact us directly.

Whats included with a Full Access Membership?

There are 2 main advantages to being a Full Access member!

#1 You will have access to over 240 videos. Over 14 hours in total. The largest searchable database of West Coast Swing patterns and techniques on the web!

#2 You will have access to Brian himself via email & video. You will also have the ability to as questions that will be covered once per month in our video Q&A section. You will have your own virtual coach.

Whats included with a Free Membership?

On our site everyone will have access to a couple of videos.

Dancers who register for a Free Membership, will have access to approximately 10% of the 200+ videos contained in our database for free.

Full Access Members will have unlimited access to 200+ searchable videos on all topics related to West Coast Swing. Over 10 hours in total.

Are payments on your site secure?

Yes we have an SSL certificate. As you can see in our web address we are HTTPS meaning we are a  very secure site! Our payments are processed through STRIPE a very well respected processor of online transactions. Our parent company Dance Louisville INC has a A+ rating with the BBB.

Change the Credit Card on my subscription?

To change the credit card on my subscription please LOGIN then click SUBSCRIPTION, then the UPDATE tab from account page.

This link will only work when logged into your account. Update Credit Card

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription please LOGIN, click on MY ACCOUNT, then SUBSCRIPTIONS, then CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION. An emil will be sent confirming cancelation.

When your membership has been cancelled. You’ll need to re-register in order to re-gain access to the site.

Please DO NOT simply email us if you want to cancel. You must cancel online.

I lost my Password?

You can retrieve your lost password anytime through the LOG IN or click RESET MY PASSWORD

I lost my login name or email?

You can log in with either your login OR the email you signed up with!

Is West Coast Swing Online for me?

Do you love West Coast Swing? Do you want to learn more? Then yes!

The site is designed to be useful at all levels of your dancing.

If you are a beginner then then you will need the moves in the Beginner section. As you move on you to the Beg/Int section, then the Intermediate section and finally to the Advanced section.

If you are an advanced dancer or even a teacher, this site is for you!

With such a deep data base of patterns and technique subjects the website can act as a resource to keep sharp on forgotten topics or dig deeper in to others.

With over 200 videos and 10 hours of content this is the #1 video resource on the web!


My video won't play?

2 Things to try…

#1. Please allow the video page to fully load. This might take 20 seconds depending on your internet connection.

#2. If you are using internet Internet Explorer please try Google Chrome. We have found that the majority of people with playback or loading issues are coming from Explorer.

#3. Please make sure you are logged out on a previous device before logging into another. Your membership will work on any devices, but not if you are logged into 2 devices at the same time.

I'm a member but can't access my videos

Please make sure you are logged out on a previous device before logging into another. Your membership will work on any devices but not 2 devices at the same time.

Example: if you are logged in on your laptop and then log in with your cell phone… the system will let you log in on the second device but it will not allow you to view the videos. It will appear as if you are not a full access member on the second device.

Just make it a habit to log out after using the site so you will be able to log in from another location if needed.