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QUESTION: What is WCS Online?


Its Netflix for WCS dancers. 100’s of videos on demand.

We work hard at creating quality, actionable videos to help WCS dancers world wide!

For an ongoing rate of $19/mo you will have the best WCS videos on the web right at your fingertips.

We are real people! Brian B owns a studio in Louisville KY.

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After your 30 day trial your membership will be just $19.99/mo. If you don’t want to be billed… you can cancel easily anytime though your member portal. Just login and push a button to cancel. No sweat!

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Heck YES! We are real people and we care about our dancers and customers.

We are NOT a nameless faceless company

If you ever have any questions we respond to emails quickly and you can also call us.

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Brian B’s mom JoAnn works for WCS Online and is our lead customer service rep. Hows that for trustworthy? 😉

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