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Do you know what the significance of February 1st 2016 was?

It was the date we launched West Coast Swing Online!

2 years, 4 website redesigns, 400 blog post and almost 500 videos later we now help over 20,000 dancers learn and improve their dancing each and every year!

How are we going to celebrate? By giving free stuff away of course!

From Jan. 23rd -31st we are running an awesome giveaway!

2 lucky winners will receive:

  • $500 in FREE Private Lessons (with a teacher of your choice)
  • PLUS Lifetime Access to our website

Winners will be announced February 1st.

For every friend that you get to sign up, you get 3 more entries to the giveaway.

More friends = Bigger chance to win 😉

So share the love of WCS.

Good luck,

Brian B

Dance Instructor

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"I'm excited to share with you"  -Brian B


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