One-Beat Leads Within Patterns

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The previous post introduced the concept of one-beat leads in side passes. Side passes are relatively easy moves for one-beat leads because they require no direction changes. So how do we apply the one-beat lead concept to moves that do have redirections?

Within patterns, the concept of one-beat leads remains the same. Before the redirection, the partners will re-establish connection just like on the post. Then, the follower will be redirected for a beat, at which point the connection will again go to neutral until another change of momentum is required.

The Drill: With a partner, dance a push break using one-beat leads. The pattern begins with the same connection technique as the side pass.

By count 3, the leader should begin to reconnect with the follower by absorbing her energy into compression. This absorption continues through 3&, so that the follower’s momentum can be redirected as she steps into count 4. As soon as the follower is redirected, the connection goes back to neutral until the post begins at the tail end of the 4, with the same slowdown and settle through the anchor as in the side pass.

Bonus Variations: The same principle applies to all redirections within a pattern. With a partner, practice your tuck turns and whips using the same reconnect-absorb-release-neutral process.

When those patterns become comfortable, you can experiment with even more complicated patterns, such as roll in‑roll out moves.
PB, tucks, whip

Reconnect on 3&, slowing partner until redirection on 4. After 4, again shut off the connection.

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