Spotting in Spins

Spotting in Spins

West Coast Swing Online Spins & Turns

Spotting is a technique used in spins to improve your balance, keep spins in a line, and create a pulse to the spin. The basic idea is to focus on a single point with your head as your body rotates. When you can no longer focus on that point without contorting your neck, you quickly flip your head around back to that point, while your body catches up with the head. Spotting in spins, whether dancing West Coast Swing or any other type of dance, is extremely helpful. You’ll thank us later!

There are many drills you can do to learn to spot. Once you can comfortably rotate your head at a different speed from your body, you can add spotting to your spins.

Here’s the drill:

Without a partner, do a series of spins. Pick a point on one of the walls to focus on, and spot that wall as you spin. Pick one spot for each full rotation; even if you are doing pivot turns that only rotate halfway around, you should spot one wall rather than a wall for each half rotation.

A common question is whether you should spot down the line or to your partner when you spin. Either option is acceptable, and you will probably find one option feels more natural to you. It’s never a bad idea to learn to spot both ways, because each method is useful in specific situations. Here are a few options you have for spotting in spins:

  • Spotting your partner makes the dance look more connected.
  • Keeping your spot down line makes it easier to stay in the slot as your spins travel.
  • Spotting your partner helps complete the spin because the flip of your head helps bring you back to your partner.
  • Looking down the line makes the first part of the spin faster because the flip of your head accelerates the first half of the spin.

Do you have balance issues in your spins?

Learn to balance perfectly with this awesome drill. It’s not a ‘sexy’ drill but its proven to produce results! We swear by it with our students and wanted to share it with you!

Improve your SPINS
for West Coast Swing

with this awesome video!



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