Taking Off for the Pot-Stir

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The next step in learning the pot-stir is for the follower to learn how to take off from the setup position. This drill will focus on the moment between compressing into the leader’s right hand and when the leader takes over in powering the turn.

The Drill: The partners should get into the setup position for the pot-stir, in which the follower is compressing into the leader’s right hand.

The actual take-off is a shared responsibility between the leader and the follower. Although the leader is the one who begins the turn, he needs to ensure that the follower has completed settling into her right leg.

While the leader is setting the timing for the turn, the follower is generating the initial burst of power (from the leader’s compression). The drill is to take off with enough power to go between a half and a full rotation, and then remain balanced as the initial power runs out. The leader should not try to power the turn at all once the follower has taken off.

Keep practicing the launch until the follower can consistently begin the turn and remain balanced. Once this phase is mastered, the next drill will be to work on the leader powering the next spins.

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