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In this post, we are going to continue dancing to layers of music in Maroon 5’s song Maps. The chorus is the first section of the song that has a high energy level, so let’s find out how to express that energy in the dance.

The Drill: High energy parts of the song call for more expansive movements, so we’re going to modify our basic movements to show this energy. As you dance this part of the song, think about what you can do to make your dancing look bigger:

  • Make the slot longer. Leaders can travel slightly more down the line during the middle of the pattern so that the slot becomes longer. Followers can create a similar effect by traveling further from the post. (As a follower, this is much easier to create on your own if you plan ahead and dance into your arm right before this.)
  • Open your anchors. Anchor variations that go to the side or that rotate open (to the leader’s right and follower’s left) create opening movements that communicate high energy. As long as you are cognizant of your own body positioning, either partner can do these movements independently.
  • Widen the slot. Followers can work the slot side to side, especially on the anchor, by ending up off-center and then realigning as they come in to the following pattern. As long as they leave the post where the leader placed it, they have freedom to move themselves around the post. Leaders have the same freedom, although it is harder to express on your own.

Play Maps again, and listen during the chorus to imagine how these motions can add energy to the dance. Then, put on the song and try incorporating these movements into your dancing!

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