Balancing the Pot Stir

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For the follower, a pot-stir is fundamentally a pirouette. The mistake most followers make is trying to power their own pot-stir. Instead, you should aim for just enough juice to make it between a half and a full turn around from your starting point; from there, the leader becomes responsible for powering the turn. After getting the turn started, the follower’s primary responsibility is balance.

The Drill: Without a partner, take a small forward step onto your right foot. Pirouette to your right a quarter turn, and hold the finished position for 3 seconds before letting your heel reconnect with the ground. Repeat this exercise until you can comfortably balance when you finish spinning.

Once you can do a quarter turn to the right, go up to a half, three-quarters, and eventually a full turn. The degree of rotation is less important than balance; your goal is to be entirely stable after your spin stops, rather than to spin further around. If you need to rock back onto your heel to keep your balance or if you are wobbling during the turn, try that amount of rotation again.

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