Thanks to our members we were able to donate $957 to charity!

Birthday Donation

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It was my Bday Aug 22 so in celebration we donated 50% of our sales from Aug 12-22, 2018. We were able to raise $957 for Family & Children’s Place Charity to help end child abuse. Read more about Family & Children’s Place.

Each year on my birthday I do a physical challenge.

I’ve asked for donations that I sent to a local child abuse charity here in Louisville KY.

Some of the things I’ve done:

  • Run 35 miles on my 35th birthday
  • Bike 138 miles (to a dance event) for my 38th birthday
  • Run 41 Kilometers (26 miles) through the woods on my 41st birthday.

You get the idea 😉

I had an injury that prevented me from doing my challenge this year

So I decided to donate 50% of our revenue from Aug 12th-22nd 2018!

We raised $957 so a big THANK YOU!

However me being me…

I woke up on the morning of my birthday and though “to hell with my bad back”

So I hopped on my bike and rode 86 miles in 7 hours on the Bourbon Trail here in Kentucky.

Luckily I survived the ride and have another lasting memory of my birthday!

Here is a quick video from the bike.

Still want to donate?

If you still wanted to donate to Family & Children’s place…

100% of the donations that come through this link will be donated to their charity.

Thanks so much for your support gang.

We love you!

Best wishes,

Brian B, Ms Megan, Ms Email & the WCS Online team

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