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Successful spins require great balance. Unfortunately, you will sometimes be surprised by a spin in the wild, and so you need to be able to establish your balance quickly in order to execute the spin. In this drill, you’ll practice combining spins in a sequence so that you are forced to set spin in a shorter period of time.

This is a more advanced spinning drill, intended for dancers who already know the mechanics of chaines turns. If your spinning fundamentals aren’t yet solid, you will benefit more by checking out the Spin Technique series. In fact, even advanced spinners should review their technique before launching into this drill.

The Drill: In this drill, you will combine chaines turns while alternating directions between each triple step. This drill will force you to maintain your balance throughout the turn; if you come out of the turn off-balance, you won’t be able to set successfully for the next turn.

Start with your weight on your left foot, and take two walking steps forward (right, left). On your left step, prep yourself for a turn to your left. Followers, this is your position on count 2 of an inside roll.

Triple down the slot while spinning to the left. Every step should travel down the line, and you should come out facing the same direction that you started. You are only doing a single rotation.

Your weight should now be on your right foot. Take another two walking steps, this time with your left and then your right. On the right step, prep yourself to turn to your right.

Finish with a triple turning to your right, again traveling straight down the line. When you are finished, your weight should be on your left and you can repeat the drill as long as you have space to travel.

When you have the direction of the turns in your body, take out the walking steps. Start with your weight on your left, prepping your body to turn left, and do so with a triple. As you finish the triple on your right foot, immediately prep your body to turn to the right, and do so with a triple. Finish that triple on your left, prep your body, and triple while turning to the left, and so on for as much space as you have.

Slowly increase the speed of this exercise as you become more stable through the change of direction. The goal is to build your ability to sustain your balance. Because you need to quickly change direction of your spin, you will get immediate feedback on whether you are stable or falling out of your spins.

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