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Flashlighting is a connection technique that visually emphasizes the center-to-center connection between the partners. The name comes from imagining that both partners have a flashlight beam coming from their centers. The follower shapes her body to aim her flashlight beam on the center of the leader. The leader can either aim his flashlight at the follower’s center or aim the flashlight in the direction the follower will go.

The Drill: With a partner, dance basic patterns without physically touching. The leader indicates where the follower should go by shaping his center in the direction of the lead. The follower keeps her flashlight aimed at the leader’s center throughout the patterns.

This drill works best with left side passes, push breaks, and whips—moves in which the follower’s center is constantly shaping the leader. For moves with turns (like a side tuck or an underarm turn), you will notice that the follower needs a lead beyond the center shaping in order to create the turn.

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